10 myths about hangovers

Myths about hangovers are as varied as the drinks, which it may be due. Debunk the most common ones …

Myth 1: The hangover is nothing to worry

TRUTH: The Hangover – our body’s reaction to alcohol poisoning. Drinking large amounts of alcohol – stress to our nervous and immune systems.

Myth 2: Men and women have the same hang-over

TRUTH: Women are more susceptible to the negative effects of alcohol than men. This is explained by the

fact that the body contains more water men, and it helps to reduce the concentration of alcohol. A woman, if she drank as much as a man, blood alcohol concentration will be higher.

MYTH 3: The Hangover is only found in alcoholics

TRUTH: You do not need to be drunk to make a hangover. It all depends on your complexion, and even a small amount of alcohol can cause a symptom of a hangover. Drink soft drinks in between glasses of beer, it will help you drink less, and dehydration.

MYTH 4: Wine – the best choice

TRUTH: The wine contains tannins, substances that can trigger headaches. Malt beverages such as whiskey, also cause severe hangover. If you are afraid of a hangover, your choice – beer or clear alcohol such as gin or vodka.

Myth 5: It is better to drink diet shakes

TRUTH: Diet drinks help you lose weight, but does not prevent a hangover. According to research by the sugar contained in fruit juices and other sugary drinks to help reduce the symptoms of a hangover.

Myth 6: The first beer, then vodka

TRUTH: What is important is not the order in which you drink, and the total amount of alcohol.

Myth 7: You must drink the pain before sleep

TRUTH: The maximal effect of anesthetic drugs occurs after 4:00, so that by morning it will pass. It is best to drink a pill in the morning when you wake up.

Myth 8: Alcohol helps sleep

TRUTH: Alcohol disrupts sleep. Alcohol before bed can actually help you fall asleep, but it is significantly degrade the quality of sleep.

Myth 9: If you drink in the morning, you can avoid a hangover

TRUTH: Drinking in the morning only to postpone a hangover because of its worst symptoms occur when the blood alcohol level to zero, nada.

Myth # 10: Coffee tones and helps to fight a hangover

TRUTH: Coffee provokes even more dehydration and could worsen the symptoms of a hangover.

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