8 ways to hide “orange peel”

BEAUTY FASHION IN THE SEYCHELLES.Shorts, skirts, dresses, simple summer outfits offer not only seductive form, but much less likeable cellulite. We have found the most simple ways to remedy it, and masking.
Root processes
Even if you have very little time and you think that training is not able to change anything, know: all is not lost. Squats, lunges, leg and bending-unbending running — still your minimum program every day.
Brush is a proven home remedy from the hated pit. Map on problem areas anti-cellulite means and that it acted for sure, his scalp gently rubbed it in two ways — with a brush or a fist: simply squeeze the brush in a fist and make them circular movements from bottom to top. Peeling is also under support tools against “orange peel”. After cleansing the skin creams penetrate deeper, and thus work better. Do not forget about the scrub: it is possible to prepare the most — mix coffee grounds with olive oil. By the way, dont go wash up after the procedure: leave the mixture on your body and oberni problem areas cling film on 15 minutes. This will give an excellent fixative effect.
Exclusively from diet soda water and power on the daily menu of green tea, it contains substances that stimulate the metabolism. Acceleration of lymph flow provokes fat — you will see the result in the “rear view mirror”.
At all stages of cellulite are useful treatments of the unit “Endosfera”. It works on the principle of vibration and compression on the deep fat layers. The device squeezes excess liquid from the muscles. The result will appear very soon, after the second procedure.

Outdoor work
Did you know that the smuglanok cellulite virtually invisible? If you do not get them, don’t worry: best self tanning lotion-cloaking. First the legs and buttocks by treating a light shade, then apply the sponge more intense color and a flick of the wrist “get wet” is the most problematic places.
Discard the white tight fitting clothes — she deceitfully stresses all roughnesses. Plain pants replace the model with small or irregular print: you’ll see, among the flowers or pea get and cellulitis.
Another option is to resort to the otvlekausemu maneuver: dresses with decorative elements (for example, with Ruffles) in the chest will not give masculine look to drop below — where lives maloprivlekatel′na “orange peel”. In the case of singular goodbye to you can wear summer tights 8 Den density is almost imperceptible, they visually align the skin.
If the summer you trembling at the thought of obtagivausem kaprone, try a spray with the effect of invisible pantyhose or body oil marked “dry”. It is lighter in texture, so the skin isn’t fat, and satin sheen.

These tools will become allies in the fight against cellulite.

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