A la carte menu with the mind: how to reduce harm, not throwing smoke?

cigSmoking-health harm. Knows that each of us, and even as a child zarekaetsa ever “take the poison” into his mouth. However, the word retard few-smoking have tried virtually everything. Someone this “fun” not inspired, and someone can’t live without cigarettes and day. As life shows, neither social advertising nor a warning of the Health Ministry cannot force throw heavy smokers of their habit. To do this, you only need a strong personal motive.

If you smoke and are not going to leave, then we will not try to convince you. Better to give some useful and effective tips to help you reduce your harmful habits.

The first group of rules includes a purely medical recommendations that could confirm any doctor. So, in order to reduce the negative effects of nicotine and reduce the risk of cancer:

1. Drink more water. This makes it easier to flush toxins, stimulate the kidneys, to avoid the concentration of nicotine in the urine, and the negative effects on the bladder.
2. Gashi cigarette, dokuriv to the middle. The closer to the end, the thicker and more harmful than cigarette smoke. Better to smoke two cigarettes than one incomplete, but dosmoliv it to a State of “Bull”.
3. Choose cigarettes with a carbon filter. It not only holds more than a third contained in cigarette nicotine, but also absorbs harmful nicotine and tar.
4. do not hold the cigarette in your mouth. Allocated cigarette toxic gases detrimental effects on the skin, the enamel of your teeth and the mucous membranes of the lips.
5. Not Koori cheap cigarettes. Buying an expensive Pack, not only are you paying for packaging design, but also for the quality of the tobacco, cigarette paper handling thorough and reliable filter.
6. Make exercise moderately. Increased physical activity is dangerous for smokers: it speeds up the heart, while nicotine narrows the arteries, preventing the outflow of blood from the heart. And in no case zakurivaj a cigarette right after lifting on stairs or jogging for dog off the leash: sorvavsimsa your heart will not withstand such “superelevation”.
A la carte menu with the mind: how to reduce harm, not throwing smoke?

7. Avoid mentolovyh cigarettes. The presence of menthol intensifies the pungency of some toxic elements contained in tobacco.
8. Smoke black tobacco. Light tobacco more harmful than black, so as to produce it used dyes, flavorings and preservatives.
9. first cigarette vykurivaj just after breakfast. Not Koori on an empty stomach, and even more so in the morning on an empty stomach, because tobacco products, mixed with saliva, affect the mucous membrane of the stomach and intestines are absorbed into the blood stream immediately. For the same reason not Koori when eating or drinking and discard gum while smoking.
10. do not raskurivaj bad podozennu cigarette. Wrong prikurenna cigarette smoker increases a third intake of carbon monoxide.
11. come out for a smoke break in the fresh air. So your lungs quickly disappears, and the skin and the hair will not absorb the smoke.
12. dont go smoke a cigarette! If approached your bus or you need to urgently return to the jobsite, potusi cigarette, but don’t do fast and deep puffs. The optimal time smoking a single cigarette-5-7 minutes.
13. More go on foot, a walk in the fresh air, take invigorating shower. This helps the lungs, will improve blood circulation.

Smokers should pay more attention to your diet. Therefore, in addition to the dining menu and turn on the sigaretki is something else.

Carrots, turnips, garlic, oranges are natural antidotes, tobacco smoke, so nalegaj on vegetable and fruit salads, juices. Drink green tea. It contains substances that can purify the bronchial tubes from nicotine. To neutralize toxins and nicotine, you should regularly take vitamins e, c and a, as well as selenium. In addition to the “naked” pills from the pharmacy vitamin a is found in brightly colored (red and yellow) of fruits and vegetables (carrot, pumpkin, mangos, apricots, etc.), as well as in spinach, lettuce, green peas, green onion, sorrel has fish oil, cottage cheese, liver, eggs.
Foods containing vitamin a, should not be on the air and light. Vegetables do not wash with hot water. Sources of vitamin e are vegetable oils. It is also found in the liver, eggs, flour, wholemeal, buckwheat and oat cereals and legumes.

Love the fish. It contains specific fatty unsaturated acids, preventing high blood coagulability. This reduces the risk of blood clots. And, of course, ogranic′ the consumption of fatty, smoked food and alcohol. Epidemiological studies suggest

a direct relationship between the consumption of fat and the incidence of breast cancer and colon cancer, and excessive alcohol consumption combined with tobacco smoke causes cancer of the mouth, esophagus, liver and breast cancer.

There are also psychological techniques to help reduce the harm cigarettes:
-buy cigarettes for only one bundle;
-taking a cigarette pack immediately hide;
-keep cigarettes away from the workplace;
-renounce treats other people’s cigarettes and smoke do not ask passersby if you run out of cigarettes;
-do not wear with the matches, lighter;
-After every puff a cigarette on the edge of the bag ashtray;
-Secretariat, hide the ashtray;
-do not smoke more than one cigarette per hour;
-calculate how much it would save money if it was to smoke less.

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