The advantages of vertical Pilates

pilates.jpg2Pilates is a system of exercises, open by Joseph Pilates
more than a hundred years ago. Nowadays it is a very popular destination.

However, few people know that Pilates can be
variety. For example, Pilates mat, pilates ring, Pilates, vertical, etc.

Vertical Pilates deserves special attention, because
allows faster than other variations of this compound exercises, do
the desired result.

As the traditional version, the “stand-up” Pilates strengthens
body, tightens the abdominal muscles
and makes the shape thinner. But thanks to the vertical body position
load on the muscles becomes much more: do you do, constantly
overcoming the force of gravity, which means that the whole body is more

Vertical Pilates can also learn how to manage
his body, in particular, to keep balance. Stand on one leg, as if
Heron, not so easy …

Thanks to vertical Pilates, you can in the shortest
the term lead press and buttocks
in ideal shape.

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