Aromatherapy in Cosmetology

The beneficial effects of odors on mental and physical condition known since ancient times. Recently, aromatherapy craze becomes widespread. You bet! Which means act as quickly as essential oils? And immediately, and have a curative effect and correct psycho-emotional state. Just breathe their fragrance. In cosmetics they use also has a place.

Due to what are natural essential oils?

Pronounced cosmetic effect in the application of natural essential oils as a daily skin care, and to address any specific cosmetic problems due to the unique combination of multicomponent and chemical properties of these elixirs.

Low molecular weight, the ability to dissolve in fats, combined with a rich composition of natural compounds essential oils can work together to solve a multifunctional and exactly the problem that needs more attention.

What essential oils will help your skin?

Natural essential oils, combined with oil-base provides efficient biological effects at the molecular level, together with the active components of the cream, oil or emulsion foundation fills the needs of skin cells in vitamins, provitamin, trace elements, enzymes, coenzymes, essential amino acids.

In the natural essential oils necessary for the skin material are exactly in the form that best suited for learning. A unique combination of chemical properties of natural essential oils (including the presence of certain biological structures, similar in structure to the skin cells) allows cosmetics with natural essential oils to provide efficient exposure to even the deepest skin layers.

Within minutes, natural essential oils, carrying the valuable nutrients framework (sweet almond oil or any cosmetic creams and serums, “Gloris”) penetrate the skin surface in the lower layers, with some components of essential oils may even reach the vascular layer and deliver in his active components framework.

Almost all essential oils are natural antioxidants: getting into the body, they actively influence the vital activity of cells and slow the aging process.

Cleansing and not only

All natural essential oils are naturally cleanse the skin cells of waste products, nourish, moisturize and soften the skin and restore a functional balance of the epidermis. At the same time under the influence of the molecules of essential oils are purified of toxins are not only skin cells, but also the whole body, that is, a system of states which depends of the skin, blood, kidneys, liver and gastrointestinal tract. Natural essential oils optimize (lead in a natural healthy state) of skin cells, so that the same essential oil can solve various skin problems.

Problems solved with essential oils

With regular use of natural essential oils and their compositions are disappearing effect of dryness and tightness of the skin, ease or even disappear common skin conditions: rosacea (vascular manifestations), inflammation (acne, blackheads and pimples), lighten dark spots and freckles, is aligned and freshens the face tone , improves elasticity, firmness and skin health, is significantly reduced wrinkles.

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