Avocado: secret sexuality Beyonce

beyonceJennifer Lopez, Beyonce and many other Hollywood divas and top models with the world name “sing praises” Avocado-fruit already and for our species is no longer a shop exotic. The reason for the global women’s love for tropical fruit lurking in its rejuvenating properties, because it is rich in vitamin e-the main fighter against “growing up” skin cells.


“The use of avocado-rich of vitamins and trace elements,” said Karina Ermakova. -It has a lot of vitamins of Group b, pp, D, there are vitamins a and c. Avocado contains phosphorus, sodium, copper, potassium and calcium, oleic acid, which helps to purify the blood of excess cholesterol. The fruits are rich in vitamin e, avocado can create protected cells from viruses. And yet this vitamin enriched cells with oxygen and is involved in slowing aging. Regular consumption of avocado consumption gives a rejuvenating effect.

Avocado is useful in treating problems in the tummy. It is used for prevention of diseases of the cardiovascular system. Some researchers claim that avocado stimulates the reproductive system. Avocado and improves memory.

Eat avocado better raw, because fruits contain FTB, which when cooked appears the bitterness. As peeled fruit on the air quickly darken, add them to dishes should be at the last minute.

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