Beautiful hair is the norm

Healthy and beautiful hair is often the dream, not the norm. Exposure to the sun, wind and water in the summer, dry winter air, stress, poor nutrition, frequent use of hair dryer and styling – and our tresses lose its luster, become brittle and lifeless. But all of these troubles can easily be addressed, you only pay a little attention to yourself and to perform basic rules of hair. <! – More ->

Hair types and suitable shampoo good basic condition of the hair and scalp is washing. Wash your hair should be as often as necessary, but wash – right. Shampoo should match your hair type. Learn it simply: if the hair is dirty after 2-3 days after washing – you have normal hair type, if it happens in a day or before – your hair can be called fat, and if they look clean for a week, then your hair is dry. The water temperature should not be high, especially contraindicated in oily hair – hot water stimulates the sebaceous glands.

Rinse with cold water shampoo is recommended to give your hair shine. The basic rule of beautiful hair have to remember that the hair care – it’s a life lesson. Should not expect that a month or so of intensive care of the hair will provide you with a luxurious hair for life. Be attentive to the condition of their hair and do not leave them without care.

A variety of beauty products for hair care products currently available on the market of cosmetic products, allows us to solve individual problems – add volume to thin hair, repair damaged painting and coloring, eliminate dry scalp.

But how do you know that is necessary for your hair? Conditioners are designed to make it easier to comb and neutralize the impact of hard tap water. Balms and conditioners contain essential vitamins and minerals. While balms applied first on the scalp, and air conditioners – at the hair ends. All of this means of prevention, but the masks and lotions – can be called “first aid.” If your hair is damaged, in need of supplementary feeding and treatment – they are just for you.

Some funds do not need to be washed off, they protect and nourish the hair for a long time. Comb your hair to the right immediately after washing, do not use a comb, because wet hair exposed to external influences, are very vulnerable, and they are easy to break. It is best to let your hair dry naturally. It should not be hard to rub your hair with a towel to dry – so you run the risk of breaking and confused. Frequent use of hair dryer hurts, but you should use cold drying mode, holding the hair dryer at least 50 inches from the head. Used for combing hair combs, combs, brushes.

First, comb hair comb with wide teeth (to prevent tangling of hair and mechanical damage), the choice of comb should be preferred wood or plastic, but in any case not metal. Short hair, start brushing from the roots, and long – the ends, gradually moving to the roots. Split ends need to cut at least once in three months. And do not save space by taking a means of “2 in 1”: shampoo and used separately, will have a beneficial effect.

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