Believable teeth at home

teeth 1Dream of a dazzling white smile? To whiten your teeth, not necessarily immediately sent to the dentist: fix darkening enamels you can at home with easy-to-use and affordable means. What is read in our material!

Lighten your teeth by using toothpaste with whitening active components: it can be abrasive particles or chemicals. The first act like skrabu: they remove plaque, yellowness and darkening due to mechanical influence. As for the toothpaste with the content of chemical components, its working principle is obvious from the title: enamel bleaching occurs as a result of the reaction. This way of whitening is less: wait for visible effect would have to be not less than 2 weeks.
teeth 2Another way is to use special whitening toothbrush. It has high rigidity and particular location setae. The first result will be visible after 3 weeks.
teeth 3Get rid of yellowness and plaque will help the whitening gel. It should be applied to the teeth by about 15-20 minutes. The main disadvantage is the inconvenience of using: saliva dissolves the whitening ingredients, and to prevent this, you need to walk around with my mouth open. The effect becomes visible through 3 weeks.

teeth 4One of the most effective methods of bleaching-the use of mouth guards. Lightening is applied to it then composition Kapu need to wear on your teeth and go so a couple of hours. The result will be visible immediately after the first use, the maximum effect is reached after 2 weeks.

teeth 5Also you can whiten your teeth by means of special strips-labels. They must be worn 2 times a day for 30 minutes within one to two weeks.

And what a way to whiten your teeth you prefer? Share opinions in the comments!

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