Belly dancing: the impact on women’s health

Oriental dance is becoming more popular every year and this is not surprising, as belly dancing gives a woman a sense of body flexibility, looseness movements, her beauty and sexuality. However, belly dancing – is not only a pleasant experience and the opportunity to learn how to control his body. Belly dancing has a positive effect on the health of women, is the prevention of certain diseases, prolongs youth and gives a psycho-emotional balance.

Belly dancing and a healthy spine

When doing belly dancing, worked almost all muscle groups, even those that are related to the spine. Regular practice of belly dancing improves posture, helps develop flexibility of the spine,

and this has a positive impact on the general well-being, makes walking easy and springy. When doing belly dancing strengthens the deep muscles of the back, which has a positive effect on their ability to hold the spine in the correct position. Belly dance is a kind of prevention of degenerative disc disease, herniated disc. This training leads to increased blood circulation and nutrition spine, relieves pain in the back and prevents the development of spinal curvature.

Belly dancing and pelvic organs

Such movements of belly dance as “eight”, bumps and other traffic pelvis and hips have a positive impact on the work of the pelvis, as they stimulate blood circulation, prevent stagnation. In addition, belly dancing classes affect the menstrual cycle, reducing pain during menstruation and reducing the symptoms of premenstrual syndrome. During a workout belly dancing is the so-called intimate muscles, which positively affects the woman’s sex life, gives her a new experience and a sense of harmony. Belly dancing helps train those muscle groups, whose work is important during labor, helping to prepare the female body for childbirth and to promote a more rapid recovery.

Belly dancing and psychological state of a woman

Belly dancing is not for nothing is considered the easiest way to achieve harmony and understanding with your body. If prior to the start belly dancing full of women feel constrained, do not like my body and ashamed of it, after the regular training they begin to feel your body becomes more relaxed, feel beautiful and sexy. Belly dancing helps to feel their femininity, attractiveness and elegance. This is facilitated by increasing the flexibility of the body, the appearance of expressive sculpture movements, which ultimately helps to not only feel your body, but also to teach it in a more favorable light. That feeling of beauty and grace makes a woman happy, improves psycho-emotional state.

Belly dancing and weight loss

Catching up belly dancing regularly can significantly improve body contour, make the shape more feminine. In a month training at the woman becomes clearer waist, abdomen and buttocks are tightened. Significant weight loss can be expected only regularly engaged in belly dancing classes and combining with a balanced diet. Shaking, which is one of the basic movements of belly dance, improve the condition of the skin, making it more elastic and reducing the appearance of cellulite.

Contraindications for belly dancing lessons

Since the effect of belly dance on the human body is quite serious, there are contraindications to practice them during pregnancy, if you have flat feet, and purulent inflammation, any cancer, pulmonary tuberculosis, heavy bleeding during menstruation, ovarian diseases. With existing diseases of the cardiovascular system, chronic diseases of the gastrointestinal tract, disorders in other organ systems, the classes are only possible after consultation with the doctor, as a belly dance will be healthy only when no serious contraindications.

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