Berlin diet

berlinThe essence of the diet.

Do not underestimate your body. Choose to lose weight not just effective diet, but also include in your diet a variety of useful products that will promote weight loss, but it contains all the necessary for your body vitamins, minerals and other valuable items. Worth the stop on the Berlin diet. Despite its intimidating name, it contains enough minerals to your body. And this name was due to the German diet of dietician who actually invented it. Menu is pretty diverse, so it’s not easy to be one of the best diets, it refers not to the fastest diets and longer diets. Suitable for people of all ages from 20 years to 60 years. Daily diet is designed for 1600 calories a day. So Berlin is not diet refers to rigid diets. A slimming effect is noticeable within the first week following the diet.
About the diet.

As previously mentioned, the diet is suitable for men and women of any age. The most applicable for people who lead a sedentary lifestyle, do not engage in sports or are working in the Office without physical exertion. Berlin diet created specifically so that everyone could control their weight and not gain extra pounds due to the still life and the lack of sports. Moreover, its rich diet and the amount of daily calories resembles the usual weight loss diet. Development of diets based on the fact that everyone can without the moral and physical training to sit on it without feeling the constant feeling of hunger control your weight. In addition, this diet does not bring absolutely no harm the body, so there are no contraindications. As a result, during the first ten days of the diet you can lose 5 kilograms. Take into account the peculiarities of your body.
Menus and the rules of the diet.

First of all make sure that no products in your refrigerator that will not be included in the list of products for the Berlin diet. Dinner should be no later than four hours before bedtime. If, during the diet appear hunger can be signs removed by milk, juices and Nectars. Are meals-breakfast, lunch and dinner small equal portions. Before going to sleep, you can drink a glass of milk, juice or nectar. Include in your daily diet bread with bran, boiled eggs, fresh fruit and vegetables, boiled chicken and beef, as well as boiled potatoes, dairy products and tea. Once you stop sitting at the Berlin diet should gradually increase the number of products and the number of daily calories. Otherwise, the weight, a weight may return to you back. Therefore there is a need to closely monitor and your diet and the foods that you consume.
The view of the diet.

Reading the reviews of people who tried to sit on this diet you can firmly ascertain its benefits. You can lose weight, but not too much should be expected from this diet. Because the diet is pretty rich. This is a gentle and soft diet, which is not harmful to the body and can be applied to all people of all ages. Were you at the Berlin diet? If so, what were your results after the diet?

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