Between us girls! How to improve the State of health these days?

1Start preparing for feast should be for a day or two: adhere to the dietary regimen, to refrain from even soft drinks, eating more fruits and vegetables is to strengthen the body and prepare it to stress (which becomes for him a festive party with uncontrollable ob″edaniem and uncontrolled use of liqueurs, wines and vodkas).

2In his daily mark-reminder: on the eve of the holiday to take b vitamins that help the body fight alcohol (particularly B1 (thiamin), sold over the counter without a prescription), vitamin c as Ascorbic acid and one and a half hours before a feast-pills-hepatoprotectors (they enhance the protective functions of the liver and is also freely available in pharmacies).

“An hour before the feast be sure to eat at least one bread with butter,” advises dietitian Alexander Mitin. -“The fat enveloping the mucous membrane of the stomach, which prevents it from drying up and the harmful effects of alcohol in the morning will not torment heartburn.


Firmly decide what drink would become a favorite of the evening. This is a very important issue.

“Ideally the whole evening should drink strictly the same drink. In the last two. But do not forget the golden rule: never bend the vypivausego degree and do not drink alcohol sweet-advises the doctor-gastroenterologist Aleksey Kashin. -Messing with champagne after the vodka or rum drink too sugary Morse straightjacket. ”



There are two golden rules of drinking. Firstly, it is believed that categorically cannot be mixed alcoholic drinks made from mixed materials. For example, wine and Cognac is made from grapes, and vodka, whiskey and beer from grain. That is, if you drink, then only kindred spirits.

The second rule says: from the beer during the festive meal better altogether. Most varieties don’t end up passed the fermentation process, and then drink added ethyl alcohol produces this hellish mixture.

“And be very careful with cocktails, used through a straw,” warns the doctor. -“Remember that alcohol absorption occurs not only through the stomach wall, but in the mouth, rich in blood vessels that can quickly post alcohol throughout the body. So if you want a longer stay sober, don’t hold your cocktail in the mouth.

It’s hard to believe, but most suitable for prolonged feast drink (Physiology)-vodka. This is the most transparent alcoholic drink of all. Proven: more transparent than alcohol, the less it substances mučaûŝih us in the mornings. The main reason for hangover-fusel oils (netilovye alcohol), some aldehydes, essential oils, dyes. It is they who give the drinks a nice flavor and color. And fewer of them in high-quality vodka.


The second “safety” table drink is Tequila.

And the third is a white wine. It, unlike red, there has expressed effect on blood vessels and, consequently, does not cause bouts of sudden migraines.

“Particularly careful you should be with rum, cognac and whiskey. This is a very devious drinks, “warns Kashin. -“Even the most expensive and qualitative ones guarantee the morning hangover. And all due to the fact that in its composition of these drinks contain far too heavy for the body parts. But, of course, everything depends on the number of drunk.



The most insidious alcoholic drink, despite rather dissolute reputation, is champagne. This is a wolf in sheep’s clothing. Not only will that speed up absorption of alcohol carbonated drinks in dozens of times, and p′utsa easily and discreetly. So even included in its composition carbonic acid in combination with alcohol is a real killer for the mucosa of the stomach and intestines.

“On a holiday you can afford no more than a few sips of this sparkling poison,” categorically states the doctor.

And another secret: after you drank champagne before moving on to another drink, soak minute pause, during which nothing do not drink at all. Is it that only water with lemon juice (a glass of water-juice of a quarter lemon)-this will help neutralize carbonic acid soon, and also protects the body from vitamin deficiency and dehydration.

The more water (simple, non-carbonated) during the feast you drink, the better. Formula use liquids is: number of drinks water should exactly twice than drink alcohol.



At the festive table stands to lean on grain products and potatoes. They absorb up to 40 percent alcohol. All the fat slows the absorption of alcohol into the bloodstream.

By the way, the perfect combination for a long feast: fatty dishes (stuffed Pike, salmon, goose) and rich Italian wines. They have a lot of chemical elements that assist digesting heavy food rich in cholesterol.

Sour and savoury foods help digestion, as foster gastric enzymes.


It is helpful to eat fresh vegetables and fruits. Exception: apples and grapes: they enhance the processes of fermentation and can spoil the fun unexpected digestive disorder.

At the very end of the feast, when sweet dishes are served with coffee and tea, choose the latter. Coffee in combination with alcohol can cause a serious blow to the heart. And tea, especially green help excrete the poisonous alcohol toxins.

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