Braids and pigtails: French braid

h1Last time we talked about how to weave the volumetric Scythe. Today we once again drew attention to the French braid, but just as a border of hair nezapletennyh. In our time the spit again gaining unusual popularity, since it not only casual hairstyle of three woven curls, now this styling for work, school, a romantic date or outing. It often looks like a creation superprofessional′nyh hairdressers for fashion shows. If you think that a miracle is unreal, we easily razubedim you for example multiple photos.

We propose to make a beautiful styling with the addition of good mood!


To create such hairstyles do not require special skills, it is easy to implement, and it is not necessary to spend a lot of time and effort. Besides, braided hair never out of fashion.

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