Breast reduction: problem reverse

b rReduce breast much harder than increase. This is explained by the fact that damage to the delicate breast tissue, which can cause various complications, the most severe of which is the death of tissue (necrosis). But sometimes this surgery is required the woman to his health.

What is breast reduction surgery

Breast reduction operation (closing mammoplastiku) are women with big breasts too. Breasts can have significant weight and are able to not only break the outlines of shapes, but also cause a curvature of the spine, so some women do such operations for medical reasons.

Causes of formation of overly large breasts is the hereditary peculiarities of its structure, obesity and certain other endocrine diseases, sudden changes in hormonal levels under different physiological conditions (a hormonal explosion of teenage pregnancy).

Breast reduction surgery involves excision of breast tissue. And since these fabrics are generally very gentle and vulnerable, their removal is related to the risk of necrosis (necrosis) of these fabrics, which is a serious complication, which threatens a woman’s life.

Indications and contraindications for breast reduction surgery

Breast reduction surgery is performed:
When big and saggy breasts, which is a cosmetic flaw;
with very large breasts, which breaks down the spine, forming a posture; While there are signs of cerebral circulation: headaches, dizziness, and sometimes intermittent fainting;
When too large breasts that creates skin problems (sweating, oprelosti, accession of infection).

Plastic surgery breast reduction surgery is contraindicated:
If the cause of breast augmentation is an endocrine disease; in this case, the patient is treated by an endocrinologist; If the endocrine disease is stabilized and the problem with large breasts persists, then there is carried out the operation;
any acute illness, exacerbation of chronic diseases, severe diseases of internal organs and diabetes;
accretion age (usually up to 18 years) – in this period breast tissue continue to grow under the influence of excess secretion of female sex hormones;
the ability of the blood coagulation disorder;
tumors and cysts of the breast;
disease (especially the Nodular form).

Preparation and holding of the breast reduction surgery

Any operation on the chest requires the previous complete examination to exclude contraindications for surgery. A woman must consult a therapist and a mammologist. Necessarily an ultrasound and x-ray (mammography) study of breast cancer, common analysis of blood and urine tests, electrocardiogram.

The operation is performed under general anesthesia (usually an endotracheal anaesthesia when inserted into the trachea tube through which the light enters the oxygen and drug substance).

When a woman is standing on her chest a special pencil drawing lines on the cuts will be carried out (in the trunk that would’ve been impossible because breast surgery).

The cuts are in the natural folds of the skin to scars formed subsequently, were unnoticeable. The incisions are usually more because when you remove excess tissue breast lift is required from transferring the nipple (no separation of blood vessels and nerves) to another place. After surgery on the wound are cosmetic sutures.

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