Burst vessel in the eye

eyeChanges in the eye are noticeable right away with the naked eye. Very often the first symptom of the fact that in the body something wrong are red eyes. Cause of the redness in the eye can be fatigue, insomnia, stress, long sitting behind a computer or a book, and inflammatory diseases of the eye. Another cause of sore eyes is a burst blood vessel. In this case, the sclera (white of the eye) becomes red and not pay attention to such a defect is impossible.

Why burst blood vessels in the eye? Possible causes

What to do when lopnuvsem vessel in the eye? Tips and general guidelines

Help with lopnuvsem receptacle in the eye after keratitis and conjunctivitis

Broken blood vessels in the eye-causes, not associated with infection

How to strengthen the blood vessels of the eye?

Red bruise in the eye does not look aesthetically pleasing and scary, but don’t worry about this. As a rule, the effects of the bursting of a vessel in the eye are without any medical intervention after about 5-7 days after onset. It is very important to find out the cause of bleeding in the eye, to prevent this in the future. Weak blood vessels may indicate the beginning of a serious disease of organ of vision, so ask an ophthalmologist should as soon as possible to avoid complications.

Why burst blood vessels in the eye? Possible causes

Causes of bleeding in the eye can be different factors. The first and most common of all is the increase in blood pressure. Arterial hypertension is a very dangerous condition and when the blood pressure is immediately call the ambulance. Hypertension can not only lead to haemorrhages in the eyes, but also cause a brain stroke.

Other factors that trigger lopanie blood vessels in the eye:

-increase in body temperature;

-diabetes mellitus;

-inflammatory diseases of the eye (conjunctivitis, keratitis);

-vitamin deficiency and especially lack of vitamin c in the body;

-injury or blow in the eyes;


-long eye strain.


What to do when lopnuvsem vessel in the eye? Tips and general guidelines

Collapsing in the eye vessel causes haemorrhaging in the sclera. This condition looks very intimidating and, at least, not aesthetically pleasing. Bleeding in the eye is painful for a man, in some cases, particularly sensitive people may experience a slight burning sensation in the eye.

When покраснении eyes as a result of fatigue or lack of sleep, bleeding in the eye does not require any medical treatment. The only recommendation that the victim will have a good night’s sleep or simply relax, without straining your eyes reading books, watching TV or computer.

As a rule, the redness caused by hemorrhage, skler goes away on its own after 7-10 days, and there is no need to use drugs. If the redness of the eye does not go more than a week and is accompanied by an even greater lopaniem blood vessels, you should immediately consult your doctor-ophthalmologist. This symptom may indicate progressive disease of organs of vision.
Help with lopnuvsem receptacle in the eye after keratitis and conjunctivitis

The first clinical symptom, keratitis and conjunctivitis is watery. Later appears refers, the redness of eyes, the feeling of hitting a foreign body in the eye. Conjunctivitis bacterial nature accompanied by pus from the eyes.

When allergic conjunctivitis eye blush in response to exposure to allergens (pollen, dust, cosmetics, and other factors), in addition to all the other things featured is swelling of the eye. Suffer not only the mucosa of organ of vision, but also to the nose and throat, the patient develops rhinitis.

Inflammatory eye disease is best treated at the ophthalmologist. It is recommended that you do not yourself find yourself eye drops, take the advice of the pharmacy. When properly chosen cure, inflammatory process progresses, and that can lead to disease in the chronic form of current.

When developing keratitis is inflammation of the cornea of the eye, the sclera (whites) also turns red. The patient complains of pain when blinking, lacrimation and photophobia, sensation of foreign object in the eye. The most common cause of development of the inflammatory process in the cornea is the deficiency of vitamins in the body, weak immunity and transferred infectious diseases. Remember that if the disease does not treat in a timely manner, then keratitis can cause significant deterioration of vision.


Broken blood vessels in the eye-causes, not associated with infection

Sometimes the reason according to blood vessels in the eye is the change of the weather. Yes, don’t be surprised! This condition is typical of weather sensitive people. Bleeding in the eye due to the fact that when jumpstarting weather conditions from meteozavisimyh people have the jump in blood pressure. In this way. Weak blood vessels in the eye immediately burst and there are bruises in the sclera.

The destruction of the walls of the blood vessels in the eye can cause severe physical fatigue, for example, after weight lifting or strong natuzivaniâ in severe childbirth in women. Blood vessels in the eye may burst when alcohol abuse, again, due to subsequent increases in blood pressure.

Hemorrhage in the eye can occur after a long stay in the sauna or hot bath, prolonged sitting at the computer or in front of the TV. To get rid of this disease and to eliminate red eyes, good rest, sleep and do not overstrain of eyes.

No need to panic, noticing the broken blood vessels in the eye. More often than not, high sensitivity of blood vessels in the eye is not a disease, but only a quirk of the organism. Drug treatment is not required in this situation. According to blood vessels in the eye just enough not to overwork, not to lift weights, do not abuse alcohol.


How to strengthen the blood vessels of the eye?

When pronounced weakness of the blood vessels in the body, a person needs to review your diet. Generally, embrittlement caused by lack of blood vessels in the body, vitamin c and r. Enough to include in the diet foods such as citrus fruits, sauerkraut. Wild rose decoction, currants, parsley, spinach, eggs, fish and cod liver oil, and problems with fragile vessels will no longer be necessary.

To strengthen blood vessels and prevent hemorrhages in the sclera to perform simple exercises for the eyes. For example, through 15-20 minutes of work at the computer, you need to step away from the monitor, close your eyes for a few seconds, then slowly turn the sight, up, down. Repeat exercise 5-7 times.

It is important to understand that although the redness of the eye and is not a very serious problem, but keep the organ of sight is still needed. Otherwise, the man soon develops eye and other eye problems.


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