What is calculus?

calculasHow is calculus?
Our mouth just seems empty, in fact he is home to a huge number of bacteria that live there, multiply and die over time. And dead bacteria deposited on the walls of the teeth is dental stone. When you eat meat, potatoes, bananas, chocolate, bread, and other foods, the food particles left on the teeth. What happens next? Living in the mouth bacteria begin to eat leftover food. First the bacteria a bit. But they are breeding, around the tooth is very much. And they form the so called plaque. When it starts to be formed, it is still very soft. And it can easily be cleaned off with a toothbrush. But over time, these bacteria will die and harden. Naturally, the plaque becomes hard, turns into tartar. And it becomes very difficult to clean off.

The calculus is very dangerous for the health of your teeth?
Many do not notice the calculus, because it seems to be fused with the tooth. The main danger posed by the Tartar is periodontal disease. When calculus is formed, it starts to put pressure on the gums, thus it is inflamed. Bacteria fall under the gum. Tartar continues to press, inflammation increases even more. The roots of teeth are golgotha, the teeth — to wander and can fall out.

What is calculus?
Due to the fact that people do not brush their teeth or doing it wrong. Therefore, the plaque is left and turns into tartar. And brush your teeth you need from top to bottom. You need to clean each tooth individually, do not forget about the rear surface of the teeth. And this is not less than three minutes.

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