Callanetics: exercises for perfect shape

callensticsCallanetics-painkillers and corrective exercises

Callanetics is a unique system of exercises developed in the 70 ‘s American Callan Pinknej.

Initially, these exercises of the activity of many muscle groups, focused on pain relief, now used for slimming vengeance callanetics and figure correction.

Proponents claim that one kallanetiki h kallanetiki is comparable to the 12:0 am aerobics! Kallanetika do thigh slender, lifts the belly, chest and will save you from excess weight.

Newcomers should be at least three times a week for an hour and a half, and then you can even lower, the key is to do it regularly!

But for all its merits, callanetics has a number of contra-indications, for example, posleoperazionny period (start can be only a year after the operation), asthma, vision problems, and pressure vessels. In addition, it might appear to someone boring and monotonous, but the effect of it is stunning!
Callanetics: basics

To begin, you learn all the basics of kallanetiki is strejtčing and static postures. Duration of each lesson is 60 minutes. Exercises must be performed slowly and breathing should always be level.

The starting position for each exercise–feet shoulder width apart, back straight, stomach is retracted. Taking the desired pose, save it for 60-100 seconds, feeling the tension in every muscle. Each training session will start with a warm up.

A simple exercise of “swing” will help you warm up the muscles. Stand up straight, feet shoulder width apart. Pull hands up and slightly bend your knees, back and must remain straight and buttocks are tense. Prisedaj by bending your knees. At this point lower the hands and put them up again when the stretching.

Callanetics: exercises

Callanetics includes a complex of exercises for different muscle groups. We offer you to try some of them, thanks to which your figure will be more perfect!

Exercise kallanetiki for stretch marks

Try to do stretching exercises while sitting. To do this, sit on the floor, legs together, stretched forward. Put your hands on top of the thigh. Slowly rotate the head and shoulders in a circle, as if trying to get to the tips of your toes. And then relax.

Kallanetiki exercises for legs
To make your legs slender and attractive, try the following exercise. Stand up straight, holding onto a Chair, feet wide apart on either side of the Chair. Slowly lower the body down, bending your knees, and pause in the final pose on 50-100 seconds. Then slowly rise up.
Reclining on a bent knee support leg and pushing his hands into the floor, lift and the other leg, holding it straight, and it for 100-120 seconds. The same should be done by changing the position of the feet.

Kallanetiki exercises for your waist
Stand up straight, feet shoulder width apart, back straight, hands on the waist. Make 10-15 rotations of the shell, with the lower part of the body, first in one, then the other way. Then run 10-15 rotations of the pelvis, keeping the upper body still. Repeat this exercise at least 3-5 times.
Sit on the floor. Bend one leg at the knee and sit on it, and another pull to the side and leaning her body as low as possible. Hands try to embrace this foot. Pause in a pose at 60-100 seconds. Do the same for the second leg.

Exercises for the muscles of the thoracic kallanetiki and back
Hands scrape in front of you, as if you want a hug, and feel, like all muscles tightened.
Straight arms take back and potânis′ up, feel the tension in the muscles and pause in this position at the 50-100 seconds.

Kallanetiki exercises for thighs and buttocks
Kneeling, straight arms pull over the head, belly, and vtâni your back keep straight. Do soft spring poluprisedaniâ without touching the buttocks, heels within 60 seconds.
Lie down on your back. Legs, knees slightly bent, lift up. Straightening your hands in front of you, try to lift the chassis. Pause in this position for 60 seconds.

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