Caloric fruit: Calories are everywhere

In the spring of almost all the women reminisce about her figure. A few extra pounds, the addition of the winter, often prevents them from sleep. But what if we go on a fruit diet? After all, they probably contain almost no calories. This must be properly sorted out.

What is a calorie

Calorie – a unit of measurement of energy. With one calorie can heat one ml of water by one degree C. 1000 calories equals 1 kilocalorie. About a hundred years ago was invented a method for determining the energy value of individual foods, which consisted of burning food in a special calorimeter, which measures the amount of heat generation. In our time, calories of any product can be found in a special table.

What is the energy of the body

The energy needed by the body to support the work of the internal organs, metabolism and for the normal amount of work to be a man for a day. Most of the energy is released by the decay of carbohydrates. Proteins are the alternate source of energy: they go into the furnace, where there is no carbohydrates, and with proper nutrition is a source of amino acids. With a balanced diet protein should be about 20% of the daily diet, fat – 30%, carbohydrates – 50%.

What is in fruit

All fruits are divided into stone fruits, pome and citrus. Nutritional value of fruits is due to a high content of carbohydrates, organic acids, tannins and pigments, essential oils, a variety of vitamins and minerals. The content of individual nutrients varies not only in different fruits, but in the different fruits of the same variety grown in different conditions.

Of carbohydrates in fruits often contain sucrose, glucose and fructose, which give the fruit a sweet taste (in pome fruit fructose predominates in stone – glucose and sucrose, citrus – sucrose). Protein in the fruit is very low (0.4-0.9%).

Fruits are also rich in vitamins (C, carotene, flavonoids – they have antiviral, anti-allergic, anti-tumor and other beneficial properties), minerals (such as bananas and apricots in potassium), trace elements (iodine, fluorine, copper, zinc, manganese) who are involved in metabolic processes.

Most of the calories in bananas (90 kcal per 100 g), grapes (70), prunes (227), dried fruit (270-300). The least calories with grapefruit (35), apple (45), orange (38), apricots (49).

Can I get enough of some fruits

Generally, higher-calorie products, the sooner they can get enough. However, it was found that the best sate proteins, followed by carbohydrates and saturated fats are the least. Thus, meat or fish fills better than fruits and vegetables, but the last sate better than any oil.

And the higher the calorie content per gram of the product, the less it saturates. The famous chocolate, which has a very high calorific value, saturate less than equal to it by the number of calories the amount of fruit. But the fruits have the ability to stimulate the appetite, so the “sit” on some fruit is problematic.

How many calories are needed to man a day

The energy needs of people depend on energy costs: the more active person is, the more energy it needs. With an average physical activity adult requires about 2500 kcal per day.

The energy required by the body to maintain the functioning of all organs and tissues, that is, for the main exchange. For women, these requirements are 0.9 kcal per kg body weight per hour, for men – 1 kcal. The more weight, the less calories per kg of body weight is required to maintain the exchange. For example, if a woman weighing 70 kg, on the main exchange is spent: 0.9 · 70 · 24 (hours) = 1512 kcal. But if a woman has 15 extra pounds (counting the ideal body weight), they can be removed from the calculation and then get: 0.9 · 55 · 24 (hours) = 1212 kcal.

But that’s not all, because energy is needed to ensure that the person and his work for the day. If a person is engaged in hard physical labor, the need to ensure it has as much power with moderate – 2/3, and at the light – from 1/3 to 1/6. If a woman is an accountant, then it is required: 1212 + (1212:3) = 1516 calories a day. Eating so many calories a day and leading a normal life, a woman necessarily lose weight.

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