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Season update: body wraps for weight loss

weightDreaming of sunny beaches and already go through choosing the most fashionable swimwear? And what about with shape? During the winter a lot of girls are overweight, but with the arrival of spring would have to discard bulky camouflage in the form of stretched down-padded coats and sweaters. So start preparing for the season of mini-skirts and sexy studs right now, good time you still abound! Continue reading Season update: body wraps for weight loss

Saltwater fish: anti-aging secret Julia Roberts

salt fishPretty woman Julia Roberts, even getting into the lens of the paparazzi without makeup, does not give rise to speak about his own appearance. On the contrary, the tabloids often lead 45-year-old actress in the example of her younger colleagues. Continue reading Saltwater fish: anti-aging secret Julia Roberts

Tomato: antiage -the secret to Kim Kardashian

kimLove the mellow tomatoes have reality TV divas Kim Kardashian, you might say, in the blood. She was sure the overlapping: low calorie delicious vegetables, you can lose weight and retain youth. Continue reading Tomato: antiage -the secret to Kim Kardashian

Home rejuvenation!

rejave homeI want to tell you about their way to cute young face.

Tired, sad woman with an earthy color face-that’s what I saw in the mirror every day. I was buying creams that promise to make me young and beautiful, went to the beautician for treatments. But I didn’t see much result. Yes and no it is not seen. In the 35 years I have looked at 45.For sure, many women will understand my state of constant depression. Continue reading Home rejuvenation!

Facelift-does the aging of

The most visible signs of aging occur on the face, that makes millions of men and women worldwide seek the help of a plastic surgeons. A private appearance should not make us frustration and irritation. Our reflection in the mirror should give us the pleasure of both morning and evening. With age on his face appear traces of permanent action of gravity, solar radiation and stress. Continue reading Facelift-does the aging of