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That can tell about a person’s lips?

lipMany psychologists believe that the lips have a lot to tell about its owner: on its nature, faults and virtues, and even about his sexual entity. Let’s take a closer look: what can tell about a person’s lips?

Is that holders of the plump, sensuous lips-are so full of love and passionate. These people love to give head, passion and, it should be noted, it is possible to 100%! Most people are not indifferent to the owners (and owners) plump juicy lips. Continue reading That can tell about a person’s lips?

Secret weapon: how to become a beautiful Valentine’s day?

valentineThe winter months, as those are our strength. A cold, grey, wet snow, and after work we hasten to home on the couch or in the cosy cafe, where already waiting for cheesecake, pizza, and other high-calorie delights. Will power is not too proavis′: the needs of the body is stronger, and he has every day sends us only one mantra “I want something tasty!” Continue reading Secret weapon: how to become a beautiful Valentine’s day?

Whitening creams are unsafe

creamBritish doctors have confirmed that some whitening creams affect hormones in a woman’s body. The female patient, unsuspecting about side effects, use these creams for several years before they learn what harm their health. Hormonal imbalance, the inability to become pregnant, urolithiasis-this is not a complete list of possible complications. Continue reading Whitening creams are unsafe

What color should be sunglasses?

sungThe first and most important rule of sunglasses just yet, but arhivazno: they must be comfortable. Quality glasses well sit and look symmetrical. Glass and RIM are generally clean, bright color. And most importantly: how much would you have twisted the glasses in their hands, the glasses are never left fingerprints. It’s all in the lens coverage than it better, the less noticeable the fingerprints, dust and cracks. By the way, this is why points-forgery under famous brands look more lackluster than the originals. Continue reading What color should be sunglasses?

Reveal the secret beauty of Kate Moss

makeupMakeup artist Cameron Diaz (Cameron Diaz) and Kate Moss (Kate Moss) Joe Gillingvoter opened the secret of beauty and femininity Hollywood actresses. The stars look perfect, it turns out, helps the hydrating oil, such as Johnson’s baby.
How to make your cleavage as appealing as the Marilyn Monroe (Marilyn Monroe)? Joe advises: “a few drops of oil, put on wet skin, Continue reading Reveal the secret beauty of Kate Moss