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The chest question: how to prevent cancer?

73234238__1In the world every three minutes a woman is diagnosed “breast cancer”. But this sad statistics can be reduced. All that you need to do is make a mammologist in list of doctors-dentist, gynecologist, to which we go to preventive examinations every year. Afraid to go to the reception? Or just not convinced that there is a need? We undertake to prove otherwise and dispel your fears.

A visit to the doctor-a mammologist begins with banal anamnesis: age, than ill than rooting relatives whether there are complaints and otherwise repetitive medical list. Continue reading The chest question: how to prevent cancer?

Breasts Naked

beautyYour breasts needs special attention, not only during sex. Questions about breast health and beauty consultant of the charitable program “together against breast cancer”.

What should a bra, the breasts for as long as possible to maintain a beautiful shape and healthy looking?

Never wear underwear, which pulls together, shakes, rubs or pricked. Leather chest almost two times thinner than on his face, and therefore requires a reverent attitude. Continue reading Breasts Naked

Elizabeth Hurley arrives in Moscow to fight breast cancer!

elizabethElizabeth Hurley for several years is the Ambassador of the campaign against breast cancer by Estee Lauder.

The famous actress to come to Moscow and thus open up a month to combat the disease special lights of the downtown-by tradition, as part of a charity event in pink buildings are highlighted in various countries of the world.

Everyone can help people suffering breast cancer, Continue reading Elizabeth Hurley arrives in Moscow to fight breast cancer!