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Oatmeal: secret of eternal youth by Natalia Vodianova

oatmealFollowing the pop queen Madonna, top model Natalia Vodianova, singer Valeria and TV presenter Tina Kandelaki cooking oatmeal in the morning itself on the water and serve at the table with the words: “Oatmeal, Miss!” That was not so sadly and useful dish, you can add the sesame seeds, flax, oatmeal, fresh fruit, raisins or dried apricots. Continue reading Oatmeal: secret of eternal youth by Natalia Vodianova

Cucumber monodiets

cucumMonodiets on cucumbers cleans the intestines, excretes from the body and stimulates the metabolism.

By the way, cucumber and an excellent diuretic, saves you from edema and swelling. While cucumber Mono-diets for breakfast, lunch and dinner you have to eat two cucumbers salad with sour cream, seasoned with herbs. Continue reading Cucumber monodiets

Does the hoop to lose weight?

hoop loseMany of us dream of becoming the owner of slim and beautiful shapes, sometimes spending a huge amount of money on exercise equipment, fitness clubs memberships, miracle cures. In the pursuit of all those hoping just a little to lose weight and become slimmer we don’t notice that all we Continue reading Does the hoop to lose weight?