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Liquid diet: can lead to adverse events

The human body is the 2/3 consists of water, that is why it is difficult to overstate the importance of correct drinking regime. Liquid diet is based on the principle that the fluid is the same food, and adequate intake it provides not only the loss of the extra pounds, but also heals it, eliminates signs of dehydration. Liquid diet appeared twenty years ago in America, and gradually spread worldwide through both active followers and ardent opponents. Continue reading Liquid diet: can lead to adverse events

Diet for stomach ulcers

Diet for stomach ulcers is important because the mucosa of the stomach in this disease is broken and rough, insufficient intake of processed or conducive to the active allocation of gastric juice food can it even more hurt. So sick of the disease must always, even without exacerbation, remember that what they cannot eat.

Causes and symptoms of stomach ulcers Continue reading Diet for stomach ulcers

Remote gall bladder diet

The gall bladder is a very important organ, which plays an important role in the process of digestion. The operation to remove it-this is an emergency measure aimed at preventing severe complications. Without the gallbladder to live, of course, you can, but the rest of my life will have to keep to a diet.

The reasons why can be removed gallbladder Continue reading Remote gall bladder diet

The effectiveness of diets-myth or reality

Modern Beau Monde brought up the formula: “lean-mean successful!”, and as beautiful, successful and happy to be all society began rapidly, consistently lose weight. But let’s leave the desire to follow generally accepted fashion, when people with normal weight wear you down your body, in an attempt to match the world’s icons of beauty, talk about health. Many of us are overweight, yet other than cosmetic defects of appearance, every extra 5-10 kilograms in 5-10 times increase the risk of developing deadly diseases. Continue reading The effectiveness of diets-myth or reality

Meat diet-are possible complications

Meat diet, like any other, the sponsoring drink plenty of protein, extreme diet, it is not all. Not too it is suitable for summer-time vacation and increased activity, since protein nutrition produced little power. Of course, you can lose weight on this diet, but no one can guarantee that there won’t be complications. Continue reading Meat diet-are possible complications