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Burst vessel in the eye

eyeChanges in the eye are noticeable right away with the naked eye. Very often the first symptom of the fact that in the body something wrong are red eyes. Cause of the redness in the eye can be fatigue, insomnia, stress, long sitting behind a computer or a book, and inflammatory diseases of the eye. Another cause of sore eyes is a burst blood vessel. In this case, the sclera (white of the eye) becomes red and not pay attention to such a defect is impossible. Continue reading Burst vessel in the eye

Eye Yoga

yogaIndian Yogis are eyes, contemplating the Moon and the Sun, stars,
fire and water. There is a lot to learn from them. Yoga
the eye is quite simple, but very effective.

These classes should be tonight half-light, or
a dark room. Install the light source-a candle-at a distance of approximately 0.5 -1
meter at eye level. Take a stable position, relax: nothing and nobody must
distract you at this point. Continue reading Eye Yoga


accupressureThe ancient techniques of acupressure
(acupressure) is the mechanical action of handwashing on biologically active
the point of having a reflexive relationship with various bodies and their systems.

Acupressure can be successfully practiced independently, without
the participation of a specialist. To start
you need to determine where the active points. If you want to improve
such a vision should look in the eye area. Continue reading Acupressure