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Expert: Ellen Ferbeek on how to start your day

yoga2Start the clock at 20 minutes earlier than usual
Yes, it sounds weird. But just believe me: these 20 minutes required to care for themselves, will pay off in full.

Propolosi mouth butter Continue reading Expert: Ellen Ferbeek on how to start your day

Full girl became a Yoga instructor and a star

yogaNow the blog Yasmin for over 65 thousand subscribers, and with each passing day, this number is growing. No wonder, because the girl cannot be called a Reed makes such complex asanas and takes so intricate postures that many hudyskam and never dreamed! It easily sits on cords, stands on its head and demonstrates the flexibility of joints. And as the language turns to name a similar completeness “unhealthy”? Continue reading Full girl became a Yoga instructor and a star

We choose Yoga!

yogaClass schedule in practically every sports club and fitness centre you can find the word “Yoga”. This text will help you understand what is being taught at this institution and on which system to choose.

YOGA IYENGAR. Today it is the most popular yoga in the world. Its creator, B.K.S. Iyengar, is rightly considered one of the greatest Yogis of today, more than 60 years of training to understand this practice. This type of Yoga is perfectly adapted for the Europeans, however, does not lose its original integrity. Continue reading We choose Yoga!

A new way to enlightenment — dance!

DanceThe dance is, first of all, attitude. How do you feel the surrounding space as you perceive information flows and how to realize himself in these threads. Dance is the ability to tell using body as poet soul.

And that soul and body could most effectively merge the creative ecstasy and achieve harmony, is to decide what you would like to achieve in the “physical” and the “philosophical-aesthetic”. Continue reading A new way to enlightenment — dance!

Biorhythms and laziness of …

lazyWe all remember how hard it was to get up every day at 7 am in the school. Scientists at the University of Toronto, and finally understood why.
The fact of the matter is that the biological clock of adolescents ‘ shifted ‘ toward adults biorhythms. Therefore, even such seemingly simple advice on how to go to bed earlier doesn’t help. Children by nature of the OWL.
One of the researchers Martin Ralph explains: “Teen awaken in the middle of their biological night, two hours before the body itself will wake up. Because our siblings and suffer from violations of biorhythms “. Continue reading Biorhythms and laziness of …