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Fitness on the beach

beachThe biggest summer injustice: the long-awaited vacation, women are gaining weight, which so painfully separated for several months. Fully relaxed, we forget about diet and nutrition, and most of the time spend in the sun loungers by the pool. That impression is held not to overshadow not leave  at waist trousers, you can spend time not only with pleasure, but also to good use. Follow our instructions.
1. Go on foot. Always and everywhere! The walking helps keep the legs and buttocks-slim, toned. Keep your back straight, your Chin slightly lift up the leg Continue reading Fitness on the beach

Days Dream

sleepIn my childhood we all laid the afternoon nap an hour or so. We rioted and grown up, happy to have freed themselves from this responsibility. For Good Reason. Recently, American scientists conducted a study and found that a short afternoon nap not only improves health and mood, but also contributes to improving the process of remembering important facts. Continue reading Days Dream

How to recognize varicose veins?

veinsTo the question “what is varicosity?” we usually answer, “Varices is swollen blue veins in the legs”. That is not quite true. Swollen vein-a sign that the disease is already in the running stage. However, in the initial stage of varices is almost unnoticeable, and only a doctor can recognize it memberships. But few people would go to a specialist, when external signs of impending trouble there. Continue reading How to recognize varicose veins?

Passport to immortality: how to extend the life of 10 years?

pass“Every breath brings us closer to the grave”,-assures the English physician named Kenneth Barth. Not figuratively, but literally. The fact that oxygen is not only the basis and prerequisite for life, but a poison to our body. More precisely, for the cells that are exposed to chemical reactions occurring with the oxygen in the blood, are oxidized and die. In a scientific way is called oxidative stress. Cells are destroyed, the metabolism is impaired, there are different diseases, ranging from asthma to cancer. At a young age the body still have enough forces to resist oxidative stress and to maintain the balance, but the older a person becomes, the less its forces to fight. Continue reading Passport to immortality: how to extend the life of 10 years?

Fitness and varicose veins

fitnessIf you’re going to do the last couple of years and finally bought a membership in a fitness club, try to … hold back. Self-sacrifice under the slogan “give one and a half pounds of muscle in a month” or “decided on two sizes” can do more harm than good. From undue stress, especially power, especially suffer. legs. If you have a genetic predisposition to varicose veins or spider veins are harbingers of the feet is already visible.

Doctors strongly recommend that at the first signs of varicose veins (swelling, pain, prostupivie Vienna) to see a doctor-flebologu. Only a doctor with the help of a special ultrasound Diagnostics veins can correct diagnosis even in the earliest stages of the disease. Continue reading Fitness and varicose veins