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Slim waist for 15 minutes a day!

slimThere are three main types of female figures: the so called Apple, pear and hourglass. The ideal of beauty embodies the last: when the volume of breasts and hips approximately the same, and the waist measurement is equal to 70% of the volume of hips. These proportions always look harmoniously looks, even when outside the notorious 90-60-90. (more…)

5 exercises for ideal buttocks

buttockElastic attractive ass-this is what the dream not only women, but many men. We offer you five of the most effective exercises for the buttocks that will achieve the desired result.

1. starting position: lie on your back with your legs bent at the knees and put them on the width of the shoulders, pelvis, lift, buttocks squeeze. (more…)

Lets make fitness fun

b fitVisiting the gym is not causing your former enthusiasm? Workout turned into a boring routine? Tired of fitness and thinking about how to stop classes? Of course, no one requires you to “passionate love” for the sport, but a little fun doing what inspires you disgust (more…)

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