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Harmful products-from what should be discarded once and for all

harmfulTo tell you honestly-we all love to eat, and not always choose healthy foods. Why so hard to say goodbye to the illusion and acknowledge the harm his favorite foods-often we tend to turn a blind eye. However, for the sake of health need to accomplish this feat and the resounding “no” to the enemies of our stomach. (more…)

Fruit: you need cardio ultrasound examination

cardioIn the mid-19th century Austrian physicist and astronomer I. Doppler effect changes opened the oscillation frequency waves by driving their source and observer relative to each other. The Doppler effect is used today for investigation of utero-placental blood flow, to the fetus receives nutrients (more…)

Secrets of harmony without fitness

b fCan not stand the charging and fitness? Well, it happens even to the best of us! If all engage in fitness classes, this does not mean that all his love. But hatred to fitness seriously impedes keeping a healthy lifestyle, so if you or someone you know is struggling with this problem, follow these tips for fitness haters. (more…)

Stretching for back

You have a sedentary lifestyle. Then it was necessary to strengthen the muscles of the back. This should be carried out at least 2-3 times a week. 6 simple exercises while sitting on the floor with stretched legs meet hands for the ankles. Straighten up, then repeat the exercise several times. Sitting on the floor, bend one leg at the knee and another pull. Meet with your hand over the toe of the foot. Repeat the exercise several times, changing position of the hands and feet. Sitting cross-legged, bend your arms at the elbows above the head, touching the fingers apart. (more…)

Vegetable juice-how to drink all year

Very soon the shelves will be fresh vegetables-carrots, beets, cabbage, squash, Greens. You can use them to recover health after a long winter. Help this vegetable juices, which have a remarkable property: the bulk of the harmful chemicals used for cultivation, leaving the tissue. (more…)

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