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Fast food and lifestyle

erhmanWe all know that man and woman are eating very differently. But as far as “different”, many of us realize only when starting to live with her husband in the same apartment, having received the so called rights-dubbed Zim Zum “right to go into the refrigerator and make sure there is nothing there (well, maybe just the dumplings, which lie in the freezer since prehistoric times, and that you vymorazivat‚Ä≤ ICES, like mammoths). Continue reading Fast food and lifestyle

Prepare the body for the beach: fitness instruction in 2 weeks!

prepareExercises to tighten up the body for 2 weeks.

Nearing the summer beach season begins, but what if your body isn’t exactly in the form in which you would like it to be? The main thing is not to despair and start an emergency fitness course that will help tighten up your muscles and make you slim and sexy. Continue reading Prepare the body for the beach: fitness instruction in 2 weeks!

Lets make fitness fun

b fitVisiting the gym is not causing your former enthusiasm? Workout turned into a boring routine? Tired of fitness and thinking about how to stop classes? Of course, no one requires you to “passionate love” for the sport, but a little fun doing what inspires you disgust Continue reading Lets make fitness fun