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That can tell about a person’s lips?

lipMany psychologists believe that the lips have a lot to tell about its owner: on its nature, faults and virtues, and even about his sexual entity. Let’s take a closer look: what can tell about a person’s lips?

Is that holders of the plump, sensuous lips-are so full of love and passionate. These people love to give head, passion and, it should be noted, it is possible to 100%! Most people are not indifferent to the owners (and owners) plump juicy lips. (more…)

Red lipstick helps to survive the crisis

redlipBritish scientists have conducted an interesting study: with the onset of the global financial crisis, they decided to keep track of how women are spending less money on cosmetics in order to save.

Summarizing, they were very surprised: it turned out that the sale of cosmetics in the UK and throughout the world, have only increased. What is most interesting is the use of special demand red lipsticks: apparently, bright color, women seek to repel multiple challenges and colorize a gray life full of financial trouble. (more…)