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Red lipstick helps to survive the crisis

redlipBritish scientists have conducted an interesting study: with the onset of the global financial crisis, they decided to keep track of how women are spending less money on cosmetics in order to save.

Summarizing, they were very surprised: it turned out that the sale of cosmetics in the UK and throughout the world, have only increased. What is most interesting is the use of special demand red lipsticks: apparently, bright color, women seek to repel multiple challenges and colorize a gray life full of financial trouble. Continue reading Red lipstick helps to survive the crisis

8 signs of manicured women

manicured womenIt is no secret that the current condition is one of the major pillars of the beauty of women

Experts call the eight signs of manicured women.

1. beautiful hair. There are two main components of beautiful hairstyles: correct trimming and quality care. The head should always be clean and well-groomed. Continue reading 8 signs of manicured women

Pretty face/makeup-face care rules

Every woman wants to look at all times and please men irresistible, but do not always have the time for it. The modern pace of life sometimes gives us a breath in the Chase for a career, luck and a lot of money. However, to achieve the desired tops for women (and men too) you must always look perfect, or at least closely monitor their looks. There are still on the dress.

What are the simple rules for taking care of themselves, which do not require too much time and money? Continue reading Pretty face/makeup-face care rules

Rules of makeup-finding the perfect image

As kids we loved to play princesses, trying on MOM’s dress and heeled shoes, all from within one only interest and love of art. We are not forced, no one taught us what’s in style and what is not, what to wear and what is immediately thrown away. Time has passed and things have changed, but the makeup remains for most of us the limitless imagination and experimentation.

Every woman finds its unique make-up through trial and error. Finding the perfect image-this exciting experiment-never ends. Therefore, the fewer restrictions we encounter along the way, the better and more interesting. Continue reading Rules of makeup-finding the perfect image