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ICP: things to know

icpIt’s hard to be a woman: on our share fell childbirth, cellulite,
the need to be perfect 12:0 am a day, but perhaps this is not the most
the scary part. Once a month a woman come by uninvited guests-the menstruation, and to
Some have PMS, or
premenstrual syndrome. At this time, the beautiful half of humanity then obsessively (more…)

A little bit about the culture of hygiene

intimateUnfortunately, most beautiful ladies in our country do not know how to properly care for your intimate areas. Some simply do not know how to contain them clean, others, on the contrary, completely deprive your body of protection using chlorinated water, syringes and alkaline SOAP. The use of special means for intimate hygiene in our country is not accepted, and the use of conventional (more…)

Women and alcohol

alcoholWomen are weaker body means and effects according to her more serious? Both physiological and psycho-emotional?

Each case is considered separately, based on what the status of the disease, how long a person uses alcohol, his age, State of health, and so on. In women poses (more…)

Women’s selections: when to go to the doctor?

docThis article is just what you were afraid to ask or everything about female secretions.

Transparent stretching, mucous discharge, similar to egg white, often abundant-the period before ovulation, the norm.

White mucous discharge or clear mucus with white veins at the end of the cycle, before menstruation-cervical erosion, cervicitis (inflammation of the cervix). Mucus in one way or another connected with the cervix. (more…)

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