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Low blood pressure during pregnancy

low pressureHormone adjustment of the organism during pregnancy often causes low blood pressure, with many bodies pregnant (heart, brain, kidneys, and other organs and tissues) do not receive sufficient amounts of oxygen, which can cause exacerbation of chronic pathology in future mom and development of severe toxicosis.

Low blood pressure during pregnancy can lead to a reduction of blood flow velocity in the placenta and the baby is not receiving adequate oxygen and nutrients, which can cause severe Continue reading Low blood pressure during pregnancy

Entertaining contraception

enjoyIt turns out, planning the birth of children, there have been many millennia ago.

Egyptians used crocodile dung as a contraceptive (and help!), Roman hetaera-gold rings, and a lover of all time next to preserve beloved preferred Casanova from unwanted offspring of lemon rind. The Indians were forced to chew some of Squaw with parsley and most naïve of our great-grandmothers-slavanok firmly believed: after the carnal appetites of three times to spit in the mouth of the frog-and conception Continue reading Entertaining contraception

MILF, dyhnite in a tube

smokingIn the British Heart Mikromediciny instrument was designed to determine the level of co (carbon monoxide) in pregnant women and in the body of her unborn fetus. To find out the level of the woman should be breathalysed in the tube, then the indicator will show the Continue reading MILF, dyhnite in a tube

Confidence for this lady

confidenceA woman is a woman, no matter where it was born
lives: in the South, in the East or in the West. And while much of the behavior and
the mentality of women defined by traditions of a nation to which it belongs,
all of us are United by the desire to be successful, successful, beautiful and have
happy family. Continue reading Confidence for this lady

No surprises: signs of pregnancy

pregJust all of a sudden in the middle of summer to want pickles as
instantly the head creeps into the thought: “what if I’m pregnant?”. For someone
It can be a life-long happiness, and for someone not quite welcome

Of course, one of the most reliable signs of pregnancy
-absence of menstruation and a positive pregnancy test. However, do not
everything is so simple, why else then held many complex analyses? Continue reading No surprises: signs of pregnancy