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A little bit about the culture of hygiene

intimateUnfortunately, most beautiful ladies in our country do not know how to properly care for your intimate areas. Some simply do not know how to contain them clean, others, on the contrary, completely deprive your body of protection using chlorinated water, syringes and alkaline SOAP. The use of special means for intimate hygiene in our country is not accepted, and the use of conventional (more…)

Yoga for pregnant women: Positive or not?

yogaYoga for pregnant women:

Yoga for pregnant women

1. A training body for the upcoming severe test-childbirth. Strengthens your spine, muscles are elastic, a skill correctly retch and relax, disappear back pain due to the offset of the Centre of gravity, improved stretching. (more…)

The main Board of the perfect relationship

prThe taste is formed gradually. Twenty years ago I happened to marry men, which now I would not be invited to a lunch.
Elizabeth Taylor

There is hardly a woman who in the early years not dreamed of a Beautiful Prince-he suddenly appear out of nowhere and will offer a hand, heart, selfless love and takes in a great distance. We all brought up on fairy tales. Love in the (more…)

Women’s selections: when to go to the doctor?

docThis article is just what you were afraid to ask or everything about female secretions.

Transparent stretching, mucous discharge, similar to egg white, often abundant-the period before ovulation, the norm.

White mucous discharge or clear mucus with white veins at the end of the cycle, before menstruation-cervical erosion, cervicitis (inflammation of the cervix). Mucus in one way or another connected with the cervix. (more…)

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