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Menstruation and the menstruation after abortion

menstraAlmost all women know how important the menstrual cycle in their lives. On the menstrual cycle, its duration and the menstruaciasm can be used to determine whether the organism is. But few women (more…)

Painful periods-and all the same why does stomach ache?

painful pVarious menstrual irregularities occur often enough. Including often (particularly in teenagers) are painful periods. In order to relieve their pain, first of all, you need to know why they are happening, that is, to conduct a full survey, which, it is (more…)

How to prepare for conception

concepIt’s time to get their offspring? But the fear of birth of a sick little one stops you? Preparing for the birth of a healthy and smart child should start to prepare for conception. Preparing to conceive reflect only 10 percent of couples. This serious process and approach it should be (more…)

The first day of pregnancy

pregnancy_first_day_thumbsOf course, the first day of pregnancy does not manifest itself in any way. Although there is a particularly sensitive women who claim to have experienced pregnancy literally immediately after intercourse, and then it was confirmed. But it happens and so that women feel that she got pregnant, and then it is not confirmed. (more…)

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