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Breasts Naked

beautyYour breasts needs special attention, not only during sex. Questions about breast health and beauty consultant of the charitable program “together against breast cancer”.

What should a bra, the breasts for as long as possible to maintain a beautiful shape and healthy looking?

Never wear underwear, which pulls together, shakes, rubs or pricked. Leather chest almost two times thinner than on his face, and therefore requires a reverent attitude. Continue reading Breasts Naked

Recipe for cores

sexStudies have shown that having an orgasm three times a week, the men twice as likely to die from coronary artery problems.

The study involved men aged 49 to 54 years.

So, if we do not take account of sexually transmitted diseases, sex is an excellent workout, which equates to a 15-minute jog. Continue reading Recipe for cores

The ideal age for sex

sexSexologists knows: sexual attraction to women in some periods of life stronger, in others is greatly reduced, but never for life does not disappear completely (of course, provided that the woman is healthy). This opinion specialists completely destroys the established myth that sex is a privilege of youth. We asked the gynecologist, candidate of medical sciences Marina Natarovu tell how many woman want sex. Continue reading The ideal age for sex

Sex and health: what treatment is prescribed by doctors for their patients?

dSurrogate partner (also known as representatives of this new male profession) has nothing to do with “the boys on call” and “written” in some cases in the treatment of sexual dysfunctions or if they complain about the lack of harmony in intimate life.

When all the large number of people have to deal with their sexual problems in the Office of seksopatologa, some enterprising “doctor Erosov” people understood that it is more profitable to teach patients to enjoy not only in theory but also in practice. Because, as you know, it is better to try once, than hundred times to hear how it’s done. Continue reading Sex and health: what treatment is prescribed by doctors for their patients?

Sex and obesity: getting rid of complexes in bed

sexMany girls suffer from shyness in bed, and each second during sex can not relax and have fun because of the extra pounds.

Yes, the extra weight is a hindrance for sex!

First, it prevents the purely physically. Full bulging belly, hips and create a lot of inconvenience for both partners.

Secondly, complex of imperfection does not allow you to relax and focus on the process itself. Continue reading Sex and obesity: getting rid of complexes in bed