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8 signs of manicured women

manicured womenIt is no secret that the current condition is one of the major pillars of the beauty of women

Experts call the eight signs of manicured women.

1. beautiful hair. There are two main components of beautiful hairstyles: correct trimming and quality care. The head should always be clean and well-groomed. Continue reading 8 signs of manicured women

Home rejuvenation!

rejave homeI want to tell you about their way to cute young face.

Tired, sad woman with an earthy color face-that’s what I saw in the mirror every day. I was buying creams that promise to make me young and beautiful, went to the beautician for treatments. But I didn’t see much result. Yes and no it is not seen. In the 35 years I have looked at 45.For sure, many women will understand my state of constant depression. Continue reading Home rejuvenation!

How often should you wash yourself? Don’t guess

washBathing too often is harmful, say scientists from Israel. Especially harmful to wash frequently with liquid soap or shower gel. According to scientists, even in hot summer it is better not to wash more than 2-3 times a week, otherwise go bad skin. Continue reading How often should you wash yourself? Don’t guess