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Secrets of the tea pure skin

tea pureYou want to enjoy natural and effective cosmetics to skin was always clean, no redness, irritation and pimples, greasy luster and age spots? All at your fingertips: different teas successfully solve skin problems. We will tell you how to cook and how to apply tea beauty. (more…)

What is a cryoprotectant, and how it can protect your skin?

skin proIn the run-up to winter again all speak about krioprotektorah. This is referred to as creams that have specific composition for prevention of negative natural forcings. And during the cold season of such problems: erratic weather, cold, wind, rain, snow, sudden change of temperature. (more…)

Healthy skin-daily skin care program

skin sIn General, women are starting to take care of their skin when it’s too late. By the time you notice the first wrinkles, you will not be able to slow the aging process of the skin. Treat skin need to start as early as the teenage years, when finally determine its type, or even the twenty-odd and continue until such time as you can hold in your hands a bottle of tonic water or a tube of cream. (more…)

The main procedures skin care

Skin care, there is only one correct and truly effective way to care for it daily. It consists of only four items.

Need to find a cleansing lotion or SOAP which gives a good result, that is effectively cleanses the skin and does not irritate her. Usually the best means for cleansing (more…)

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