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SPA-weekend in the city

hotel spaIf you don’t have opportunities to go somewhere for the weekend, you can take advantage of city spas. They tend to have less access to health care procedures than holiday hotels, so they aim for a quick relaxation and beauty procedures Express. Day-SPA in the city does not imply the Continue reading SPA-weekend in the city

SPA-weekend in the countryside/abroad

4_spaCountry and overseas Spa weekend program different from the city that customers are given the opportunity to stay at your hotel or holiday home, so for two or three days you can enjoy not only the treatments, but also the beautiful nature and fresh air Continue reading SPA-weekend in the countryside/abroad

Hot tub in SPA

tubHydro massage is a wonderful remedy for chronic fatigue syndrome! In addition, it strengthens the walls of blood vessels, improves the complexion, restores moisture and mineral balance in the body and helps weight loss. Underwater jets of varying intensity, enriched with oxygen to produce a gentle massage of your body, Continue reading Hot tub in SPA

Spa wraps

obertyvaniya_v_spaWrap is one of the most beloved women procedures! Now in stock most of the salons of seaweed, mud, clay, and even chocolate body wraps!

This procedure is attractive primarily because almost immediately, within the first two to three days, leads to a reduction in waist and hips, sometimes up to 2.5 cm in 24 hours. Continue reading Spa wraps