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dietThat would be great-lose weight in one day! But even if such a possibility, not all girls would have coped with it. Read on history of weight loss and love Mary the Queen, women and office worker.

And who said that new life on Mondays starting corny? A great day to take on yourself. Fitness will start from next Monday, and today-diet. I read a bunch of books and magazines, I’m ready, as an athlete at the start. However, have to drink coffee without sugar. Fuuuuuu … …. yuck!
Life is not bad. Heck, today seems to be good again, and she eats it. But the magazine was written: “allow yourself to feast the night before, it was easier to move the body to the lack of a hearty breakfast”. Specialists Of … By the way, and what we have left after yesterday’s holostâckogo feast for body and soul? Be Of … Pasta … While the chicken is gone? Well okay. Today we will have the pasta diet.

And the pasta diet is nothing relaxes, adjusts to the LAD ….

The pasta diet Sophia Loren
Pasta plus vegetables, fruits, cereals, olive oil, fish and seafood. Meat, sweet and cakes under the ban. Cannot be foods with preservatives: sauces, sausages and smoked meats, salinity. Italians believe that pasta is a useful source of fiber. If you stick to this diet, the risk of cardiovascular disease and cancer is reduced by half. In addition, strengthens the immune system and reduces the likelihood of infectious and inflammatory diseases.
But the pasta to cook properly. Take 1 l of water per 100 g of pasta, posoli water before you put the pasta and boil them for no more than 5 minutes. Then the complex carbohydrates will be less absorbed, but stimulate the bowels.

AAAAAA! I’m late! On the job! Again! It looks like the beginning of a new life complete can’t… And black shoes? Where? Can change clothes and put on the Green? At least I see one of them under the sofa to …
Cats pages
…and of course, the bus was late. Why did they go missing all the time in any black holes when you opazdyvaeš′? No, well, sometimes they even fly full. And where did all these people raving at this time? Had to go by bus. And this guy is dressed as if he had a car broke around the corner. The leg I came by chance, and it:
-Girl, would you withdraw your weight in my legs? Nothing, I lose weight in a week and vengeance. Meeting him on a bus, try to give me a place, and I will sit down. Spoiled all mood. Urgently needed to fix it. ABOUT! In the top drawer, I remember was chocolate…

Cats pages
Separation from superiors describing will not. Chocolate diet rules-I was just calm, like a goddess.

Want to eat.

You can’t break the habit so spur of the moment. Tea without biscuits and sugar is what food is in hell.

Half an hour before lunch.

Yes! Yes! Four minutes!

-Of course, I am not going to, but once you go to the mess hall, I am with you!

The girls say that shiny new engineer looks at me all eyes because it because I haven’t seen whether higher-ups in the dining room. The good kind! They still don’t know what I will in a week does not know. I’ll radiate confidence, I will lean to …Oh, damn! I kapnula ketchup on your favorite skirt on! Urgent zastirat′!

Going back to the mess hall, and what do I see? Ye gods! Girls don’t have, and the dumb are worth their empty plates rebuke from vegetable salads and my nedoedennaâ plate with pasta, chicken and fries. Ivanov looks and smiles. Probably I should pretend that it’s not mine and take tea. And dinner is soon to … So: we sit down and eat with dignity. Looks and smiles again. One must Chew and smile in response. Does not work. Lump in the throat. Khe Khe-… coughing damn!

Aaaaaa! I cough up a little table for yourself is not tilted, and he approaches. With a glass of water. I’m going to die!
Cats pages
I am not dead. Com swallowed. His name is Sasha. Nightmare!!! Am being saved away, tipping the plate.

In the mirror I see a face lift with potekšej ink. Question: how to get to the bags in the Office, take a make-up bag and run to the toilet, so I didn’t pay any attention to the 12 people in the Division?

Cats pages
Task almost complete, apart from the fact that the chef asked who died grandmother. Now we have to work with.
I’m working on.
I’m working on.
Ivanov is a handsome man, I am a fool.
I’m working on.
Ivanov, maybe too fool. I am thick.
I’m working!

I fell in love with Ivanov because he filed it a glass of water? That is, I hope that if I’ll live with it the rest of your life, it took me a glass of water in old age will? Where is the logic?
I’m working on.

No, it is necessary to continue the chocolate diet.

Chocolate diet Alsou
This is a very tough low-calorie monodieta (i.e. diet consists of one product). During the day you can eat up to 80 g of chocolate and drink only coffee without sugar with skim milk. The drink can be no earlier than 3:0 after the meal. In fact-this is fasting. Alsu itself for more than one day, such a diet does not recommend. And remember that the chocolate is allergic.

17-45 and 2 seconds.
It is coming … It’s all close … I look at the girls. What he says? What? What does it mean, “I’ve been on you paid attention. Would not work with us on a project “? But, I feel, have to agree.

All going to go away. Girls with me are forgiven through his teeth.

Comes Ivanov. Is a carafe of water and a glass. Said to be on the safe side and smiles.
Diet is a good thing. The journals do not lie: I’m beginning to attract men!

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