Cellulite diet: fight orange peel!

cellMany celebrities suffer from cellulite is much larger than we are with you. We leave in the summer on the beach or take a thin dressing gown in front of a man in the hope that no one will notice. Heavier stars-paparazzi to notice everything and pictures of cellulite legs Hollywood beauties fall into the public domain.

Cellulite was spotted by Beyonce, Victoria Beckham, Britney Spears, Misha Barton, Jennifer Lopez, Rihanna, Jessica Alba, you can enumerate endlessly …

The problem is that until the end of the cure cellulite. Moreover, through sports and all kinds of procedures affect the cause of orange peel. This means that the solution must be sought in other areas, such as nutrition.

Turns out, some products are so detrimental to the cellulite, the fat begins to melt on the eyes. For example, avocado and lettuce are no worse than professional lymphatic drainage massage.

The main reasons for the sharp appearance of cellulite is PMS, dehydration, weakened immune system, swelling and excess weight. But with the help of anti-cellulite diet can significantly improve the situation, tighten skin and lose a couple of kilos.

The purpose of the diet is the withdrawal of toxins from the body, which means that, first and foremost, you need to reduce consumption of harmful products-give up potato chips, canned foods, both savoury and cigarettes. Nicotine destroys collagen (connective tissue between muscles), damages blood vessels and contributes to the orange peel.

So, with the enemies of your skin on the thighs, we decided. But who are your friends?

Your helpers in the fight against orange peel-foods that contain potassium, vitamin c, Phytoestrogens (regulate metabolism and hormonal balance), fatty acids and water. First of all, berries, nuts and green vegetables.

If they start now, and follow our step by step instructions on how to combat cellulite.
To send in the trash all the flour, sweet and fatty. Remember, these products contributed to excess weight, and excess weight is one of the root causes of cellulite.
Now you will need to get rid of swelling. Swelling is the result of excess fluid that accumulates in the fat cells and increases them. This causes the skin becomes loose and bumpy. Usually, swelling appear due to excessive consumption of salt. So discard habits lightly salted food, and with that fight with swelling of dried apricots, spinach, cucumbers, potatoes, carrots, lettuce, parsley, asparagus, and garlic.
The next step is to boost immunity. When it is at zero, skin tone, as in the body start to happen, deforming the walls of the fat cells. To avoid unfortunate consequences in the form of cellulite, zapasis′ antioxidants and vitamin c. simply put, buy cranberries, blueberries, beans, eggplant, pistachios, walnuts, turmeric powder, dark grapes and cocoa.
Another ally of cellulite, which needs to be tackled, it is dehydration. In the absence of moisture, the skin loses its elasticity and flexibility. To escape from this scourge will olive oil and fish oil. And, of course, 2 liters of water a day!
With PMS fight can not every woman. However, the monthly disease need to go fully armed. The fact of the matter is that during PMS female sex hormone estrogen swells the fat cells and keeps water so dramatically is cellulite. Normalize levels of estrogen are capable substances Phytoestrogens because they are similar in composition to the female hormone. Search for Phytoestrogens in dairy products, red meat, and flax seeds and sunflower seeds.

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