Chin: Causes and Prevention

With age, facial tissues lose their elasticity and how to move down, weighing the lower part of the face. So after 30 years it is necessary to follow the oval face, do gymnastics and masks to help keep the contours of the face. Over time, this will be small and can get help from more intensive treatments, up to plastic surgery.

Causes of double chin

Chin can appear not only in the elderly. At some congenital facial features of the structure fatty deposits are in this area at a young age. Overweight can also appear as a double chin – it is a typical place for fat.

At older ages, double chin can appear as if overweight, and with the rapid weight loss – skin droops, becomes flabby (view poluspustivshegosya balloon). That’s why beauticians recommend losing weight slowly (no more than 1-1.5 kg per week).

Finally, the chin may occur if the head is constantly lowered and shoulders raised. Such a situation may occur when the constant work sitting (such as a computer), with large breasts and wearing incorrect (too small) bra (it shifts the center of gravity of the body, the spine is bent, his head lowered.)

How can you remove a double chin

Chin can be removed in many ways, not all of them are equal in effectiveness in a given age. So, at the age of 30 years simply to lose weight and work out special exercises. If it is congenital structural features of the face, it will help manual massage combined with exercises and special procedures that promote the resorption of fat.

After 30 years of gymnastics necessary to keep the facial muscles, combined with periodic rates of facial massage and beauty treatments, increasing intensity.

If conservative treatment fails, at any age can be done plastic surgery.

Gymnastics and massage for the face

The complex of physical exercises can be done at any age and to combine them with other treatments (except for conditions after a facelift – in this case a plastic surgeon appointed by the exercise.)

Twice a day, you can do the following exercises:

utter sounds of “y” and “i” with the strongest possible facial muscle tension – 10 times;

press your finger on the corners of her mouth and made an effort to open and close his mouth – 10 times;

prop up the chin with two fists and try to put it – 10 times;

“Bump” chin conditional load, straining with muscle – 10 times;

maximum strain the neck muscles and then relax them – 10 times;

maximum strain muscles of the chin, and plunging down into the lower lip – 10 times;

smooth skin of the forehead, straining the muscles that pull it back, keep your head in this state up to 5 seconds, then relax;

wink alternately right and left eyes, clenching and relaxing the muscles cheeks – 10 times;

fingers of both hands to squeeze and pull down his chin, resting with the language of heaven – 8 times;

lie on your back on the edge of the couch so that the head hanging down, raising and lowering his head – 5 times.

Facial massage performed by an experienced massage therapist with a medical background, can after the first course significantly reduce double chin. The same masseuse teach and show how to perform self-massage the face, do not hurt yourself with, since the wrong massage can lead to stretching of the skin and wrinkles.

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