Choose contact lenses instead of glasses

1If you have heard many good things about contact lenses, but still did not dare to use them, the material dispel all your doubts and help you make the right choice. So what stops people from using contact lenses?

Lenses are hard to use

Learn how to use contact lenses can even a child. You should consult in the Salon optics if you warn that buying lenses for the first time. Find information on the Internet or even special educational app too.

Contact lenses deliver discomfort

Glasses that constantly fly or lost, can indeed deliver discomfort, like bad eyesight. Modern lenses are made of delicate materials and fully repeat the form of eyes.

If you wear contact lenses, vision deteriorates

Lenses provide maximum clear image. Unlike points, they do not distort the size of objects and do not impede the lateral vision. The myth of the deterioration of vision from use intelligently selected lenses are nothing more than fiction.

When you use the lenses do not use decorative cosmetics

It is an absolute lie. If you intend to use lenses, you just need to observe certain procedures: first, put on the lens, then apply makeup. When demakiaze reverse procedure: remove the lens, then remove cosmetics.


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