Confidence for this lady

confidenceA woman is a woman, no matter where it was born
lives: in the South, in the East or in the West. And while much of the behavior and
the mentality of women defined by traditions of a nation to which it belongs,
all of us are United by the desire to be successful, successful, beautiful and have
happy family.

But more and more we become like a self-confident European
Lady. We already occupy high positions, we are successful in business, we have
and intelligent, we follow the fashion trends, we are rich and developed
spiritually, we are well maintained, we tastefully dressed. We value the relationship, we love our kids
and are proud of their families. We are welcome and loved. We might do a great deal: we
time to live. We can trust. Trust the professionals. And first of all in the
matters of health. Including family.

(A) what is the health of your family? This physical and mental
the health of each of its members individually and healthy relationship between the spouses. Security Deposit
such a relationship is a joyful sexual life. It’s not just
a physiological Act, and the time of intimacy, one of the important psychological processes
between a man and a woman.

Unfortunately, the intimate life can be hard and lose
its brilliance for many reasons. Including, because of anxiety about
unwanted pregnancy. This applies especially to families with an established way of life,
where are your favorite children of families who still do not want to change anything.
Just want to live while maintaining stability, rejoicing in each day together, together
something to solve and spend their energy on life, not on the anxiety and distress.

What makes a woman in the West? She goes to the doctor
pick a reliable means of contraception. It is reasonable and natural. And we?

Allow yourself, so much done in life to another
one win-win over anxieties, discomfort and stress. Let your
loved one to share with you the joy-joy joy, safety and security
for your confidence.

Modern contraception has to offer? For this is
first determine the wishes. If you want to in a year or two back
to become a mother, you should pay attention to short-term methods of contraception.
Of effective modern tools include condoms alone or in
combination with spermicide, combined oral contraceptives or gestagensoderžaŝie
pills (mini-drinking).
Relatively new in this area are considered to be
tablets with improved reception 24 +4 with some cosmetic
effects, for example, positive impact on your skin and hair.
Confidence for this lady

If the replenishment in the family soon you don’t plan,
you will need an effective and long-term contraception, which, in addition,
should be comfortable to use, to
forget the every day or every month.
Note on intrauterine devices. This can be
the usual metallsoderžaŝaâ spiral, which is pretty
long term-from 3 up to 5 years. It provides comfort during the close, but still
some inconvenience while using it, as it can be
heavy and painful menstrual periods.

An important place among the intra-uterine devices, especially in
European practice, now occupies the intrauterine hormonal system. Her
sometimes referred to as “21 century” contraception. It’s not just the improved form
“spiral”, and almost a new method that combines the advantages of
intrauterine systems and hormonal contraceptives.
The system is installed by following the necessary
surveys and ensures the daily flow into the cavity carefully measured
uterus microdoses of a hormone, protecting it from excessive mucous membrane
growth that provides comfort during the critical days. Many women
celebrate well-being and considerable relief not only in critical
days, but the day before, which is especially important for those who are used to keep active

Its contraceptive effect is based on increasing viscosity
mucus in the cervix, it creates a barrier for sperm that do not
can penetrate into the cavity of the uterus and fertilize the egg. Barrier
creates and for some pathogens, so doctors
Note the reduced risk of inflammatory reactions using this system. Such
integrated into the contraceptive effect gives a performance that is comparable with the method
surgical sterilization.

Such confidence has a positive effect on the relationship with the partner.
Intimate life is comfortable, passionate, romantic. You can totally surrender to the
feelings rather than thoughts.
Psychologists say that husbands whose wives feel
confident and relaxed in moments of intimacy, so that
confidence, even some audacity in the best sense of the word. Favorite
becomes more desired, new sensations and emotions. And it is not
just sex. A whole universe of joy, pleasure and spiritual closeness.

Selecting your means of contraception, pre
talk with your doctor-gynaecologist.







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