Correction curves legs – fix or leave as is?

The curvature of the legs is quite met a medical problem. Further, the curvature of the legs mean different defects lead to a deviation from the normal leg shape. The curvature of the legs can be true or false. At the heart of the truth of the curvature is the curvature of the legs bones of the lower leg. Curvature of the bones, in which the legs are in the shape of the letter “O” is called O-shaped curvature, or varus. If the deformation of leg bones form the legs of the form of the letter “X”, this anomaly is an X-shaped curvature of the legs, or valgus deformity. For back-to-curvature characteristic nesmykanie legs in the knees, while the X-shaped curvature characterized nesmykaniem feet in the ankles and feet.

Curvature is caused by the distribution of false soft tissues. When the curvature of false legs in most cases no anomalies from the medical point of view. However, a false leg curvature looks unaesthetic and if such holder delivers feet psychological discomfort, be corrected.

Correction methods depend on the cause and severity of the curvature. In some cases, even a few feet can help yoga. A relatively small curvature can be smoothed by special exercises. Positive effect on the silhouette of the legs has a cycling. In case of severe curvature correction method is surgery. Decide the exact surgical correction is accepted by doctors. One of these methods is Lipofilling.

Under Lipofilling understand the method of correction of soft tissue defects transplant patient’s own fat. The operation is performed under anesthesia – local or general. Lipofilling – low-impact plastic surgery, characterized by high efficiency. The operation is performed as follows: a small skin puncture aspiration method shown the required amount of fat, which is then injected through the injection of a special syringe to the desired zone. Adipose tissue is cleared before the introduction of extraneous fractions (blood). Lipofilling method gives low rate of complications. The recovery period after surgery is relatively short. Postoperatively, there may be swelling in the operated areas, minor, passing within a few days of bruising. Transplanted own tissue does not cause allergic reactions, the body is resistant to change trains. Transplants of fat cells has a high survival rate. Lipofilling gives lasting effect for several years. In many cases, a second operation. The decision to re-operation can usually be taken in two or three months after the last intervention.

The best method of surgical correction of the curvature of the legs true in many cases is the method proposed in the middle of the last century Ilizarov. Ilizarov method allows a wide range change shape legs. Bone meets in early deformation and is fixed with a special device in position. Is merging bones, afterwards removed, and preserves bone shaping it. Ilizarov method is suitable for the correction of the curvature of the true legs, like an O-and X-shaped. Osteotomy (bone intersection) can be done in different ways. One of the best methods of osteotomy is corticotomy (the intersection of the surface of the bone), proposed by the same author techniques. This type of operation is the most restrictive of the patient as corticotomy is performed without cutting through the puncture. Depending on the evidence available is incomplete corticotomy, the bone is not completely overlap.

It should be noted that while the original method of Ilizarov repeatedly improved, and were created by other effective methods, most of which are based on the same principles as the operation to correct the curvature of true legs are among the most complex operations in the field of orthopedic and plastic surgery. Even a perfectly executed operation by an experienced doctor can leave consequences (eg, in the form of scars) or lead to complications, such as fracture of the correction, inflammation of the soft tissue or bone, adverse changes in the joints. As a rule, the complications can be treated, but may require additional surgery.

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