Correctly applying makeup

Most modern women over a period of time bothers use bright scarlet lipstick and a familiar blue mascara. If such a situation occurs, then you should definitely take care of the quality implementation of its new image – the image of chocolate. Today experts of the women’s magazine has provided its readers a new approach to the application ! Bathroom facilities , it is almost no woman can not remain indifferent.

Highlights. Just before you start wearing cosmetics from various tubes and brushes must first be applied to the surface of the skin moisturizing cream type. Will take some time for this cream can be fully absorbed by the skin. After this procedure, you can proceed to the procedure for applying a tonal framework . Tonal framework is necessary to align the complexion. For this purpose, it is imperative to use only the hard type of brush. This will help to even distribution of tones.Makeup applied on top toward the bottom of the face. And also with a frontal zone directly to the area of the chin. Once the procedure is complete wetting his face with a damp cloth.

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