Diet on the Passport

dietWhat’s the problem?
A big problem in this age is the deficiency of iron in the body. Nalegaj on products containing iron: pork and beef liver, kidney, egg yolks, nuts, apples and asparagus, oysters.
Besides, 20 years is an age when many girls are thinking about planning a baby. Prepare the body for pregnancy and maternity costs in advance: eat more foods rich in folic acid (beans and kidney beans).

In the diet must be boiled lean meat. For example, beef. Fats should not be ignored, we just have to choose them correctly. Give preference to bold oligokislotam Omega-3. They are abundant in marine fish, cod liver oil (rich in the vitamin a) and flax seed, which can be used as a daily supplement to the food.

Secret weapon.
Apples. There is a saying: “who eats an Apple a day, the doctor does not happen”. And it’s absolutely true, because apples, especially at this age, the ability to work wonders.

Drink eat more of these wonderful fruits, and the weight will always be OK. If you need to lose a few pounds, hated unloading an Apple a day is your salvation.
If you are 30 years old

Strategic planning
Unfortunately, in this age of the metabolic rate slows down. You are pitaes′sa as usual, and pounds are inexorably added. It’s time to learn otherwise fill the fridge.

If you’re 30
What’s the problem?
With age, the assimilation of vitamins in the body difficult. The main task is to make up for the lack of vitamins c, D, E, and zinc. As a general rule, take the Spice all dishes lemon juice-and you provide a daily vitamin c. Nalegaj on fish, eggs and dairy products, they are rich in vitamin D, and vitamin e in olive, almond and linseed oils. Just do not forget that these vegetable oils should be cold pressed, so vitamins will reach the goal almost intact. Zinc, which is essential for the normal functioning of the immune system found in bran, seafood, milk (low fat), meat (beef, low-fat pork) and cereals.

Tactics of harmony
“No fat!” is the motto for the next decade for those who want to keep a slender figure. Srezaj everything, even the smallest, pieces of fat from the meat and forget about smoked sausage, cheese, butter and margarine. In this age of daily allowance of fat-not more than 50 grams. Do not panic! Ideal-the Mediterranean diet. Vegetables, fish, seafood and whole grain products, such as pasta of durum wheat and dark bread, will not be entertained and become good friends in the struggle for consistency. For dessert, choose only fruits and berries, no pastries and cakes.

Secret weapon — refusal of dinner. Everybody remembers the famous rule “breakfast eat itself, share with other lunch, dinner, give it to the enemy.”

If you are over 40

Strategic planning
At the ripe age of any diet should be aimed at maintaining a healthy weight, not so much how many health and wellness. Stands forever renounce fasting and monodiet: they have lost a large number of useful microelements and vitamins.

What’s the problem?
Beach, women, perestupivših threshold fortieth anniversary, is osteoporosis. Calcium is the most essential element of nutrition in this age. The physiologic source of calcium is dairy products. This element is required not only for bones and normal operation of the heart muscle, but also helps weight loss by burning fat. Should also be included in the diet of antioxidants. Choose vegetables and fruits with bright colors. For example, eggplant, plums, asparagus, tomatoes. To prevent insomnia, migraines and apathy keep normal magnesium, it’s fairly in a handful of dried almonds.

For life with our body there are various metamorphoses, some processes are slowed down, others are gaining speed. The greatest changes occur with the endocrine system. Changing hormones. But hormones are, in fact, conductors of all processes. It is therefore not surprising that the same cake, eaten 40 years MOM or her 20-year-old daughter, quite different implications for their health, and the level of your waist.

Tactics of harmony
So what should be the diet to be mature and compensate for the necessary costs of the body? Many nutritionists consider diet milk vegetable-optimal for older women. Bunting, as a source of vegetable fibers, must be present in the menu. Never turn to protein diets, they’re too overwhelmed with the kidneys. Baked goods replace nuts and Dried apricots.

Secret weapon — an overseas fruit papaya, which is easy to find on store shelves. Arranged a papajevye fasting days. You need no more than 2 kilograms per day. Active fat burning combined with enrichment enzymes of the gastrointestinal tract will preserve harmony.

And finally a tip: for slenderness at any age can connect phytotherapy.
20-30 years old: tablespoon knotweed, corn ralec, elderberry, common mullein and Chamomile.
30-40 years: tablespoon corn ralec, dandelion, lemon balm, marigold and crushed hips.

Comment nutritionist

How to use: 1 St. l. finished collection pour 200 ml of boiling water, stand 30 minutes. Drain, cool and take 1 tbsp. l. BREW 3-4 times a day before meals. Drink the tea you can constantly.
Comment specialist

Yulia Aleksandrova, dermatologist, nutritionist of the health center “Vita” med “:
“The idea that each age group according to need its own power supply system is not new, and has been scientifically proven justification.

Indeed, after 30 years, the pace of metabolism (metabolism) is reduced, calories are spent more slowly. And if this is added to a sedentary lifestyle or any somatic disease, then it is very likely that, when the threshold of the thirtieth, a woman will have problems with excess weight. Yes and the absorption of nutrients (vitamins, minerals, etc.) with age is hampered by the natural processes of wear of tissues and organs. It is evident that the gastrointestinal tract of twenty years ‘ girls are in a healthier state than the four women, and, therefore, with the delivery of nutrients and the adsorption noxious substances he copes much better. “

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