Ear surgery, its types, indications and contraindications

Ugly ears often cause chronic stress and even cause a change of character. Therefore, if your ears really spoil the appearance, it makes sense to turn to a plastic surgeon. But the point is that sometimes the ears have a very normal kind of person, and for some reason it seems like they’re just terrible. A plastic surgeon will help here: it will tell and show you examples of what the ear indeed require correction.

Ear surgery-when she really needed?

Ear surgery (Otoplasty) is the surgery and reconstruction of auricle or external auditory passage. Otoplasty is divided into plastic (recovers all of the pinna or any part thereof) and aesthetic when ears require correction.

Indications for ear surgery are:

injuries, Burns, frostbites the auricle, in which she completely changed its appearance or has been removed completely;

anotiâ-congenital anomaly, which is expressed in the total absence of ears;

microtia-congenital anomaly when the ear is too small; It is often one-sided, mostly on the right;

makrotiâ-congenital anomaly when the ear is too large and this is striking;

prominent ear is the most common congenital anomaly and the most common cause of ear plastics;

satire – ear auricle, congenital anomaly when they have a peaked shape;

ear Macaque-congenital anomaly, when the ears are of the form ugloobraznuû;

the ear with a large and convex protivozavitkom (antihelix is an elongated elevation on the surface of the ear located along its edge);

split earlobe – this can be a birth defect, and the consequence of injury (for example, when wearing heavy earrings);

various education in tragus (tragus is a guide that covers the front hole of the meatus).

Kids plastic ears is recommended after 5 years.

Ear surgery is contraindicated:

If any of the blood at the site of the operation;

If any of the blood clotting;

with heavy diseases of internals;

in diabetes is due to lower defenses runs the risk of postoperative infections;

in all acute and chronic diseases (after recovery will take at least two weeks.

Aesthetic ear surgery

Aesthetic ear surgery is the correction of certain defects of the ear. Before the operation the patient together with a plastic surgeon to decide whether it is and if needed, the model with the help of computer technology, the desired shape of the ears. After that a preliminary examination of the patient and the preparations for the operation, which includes beneficial procedure and exclusion of medicines liable to impair blood clotting (e.g., nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs, aspirin, diclofenac, naiza) or cause immunosuppression (e.g., hormonal preparations). You must also stop smoking (smoking it two weeks before and two weeks after it), which reduces the healing process of the wound.

Ears adult patients is usually performed under local anesthesia, children-under overall. An incision is made in the skin behind the ear, then the cartilage is removed from the skin, it is attached to the form, and then the wound is sutured with cosmetic sutures. If the correction is the earflap out of her back side remove fatty lumps and skin excess ran out.

After the surgery, impose remedies to fix the ear in position. After seven days the bandage and the stitches are removed and the patient fixes the ear only for the night with a special elastic bandages.

Swelling of tissues and bruises lasted approximately two weeks, any physical activity contraindicated for at least three weeks. Complete healing of the ear occurs in only six months, after which their ears grow along with the growth of the child.

Reconstructive ear surgery

(Restorative) reconstructive ear surgery is a complex operation, during which you can recover all of the ear or any part of it. Most often, such operations are carried out after injuries or burns. A reconstructive plastic ears simultaneously is not possible because first, it creates the basis for the future of the ear cartilage. Cartilage is usually taken from the patient’s body, usually from the rib. Once this stage is over, the ear shape skin pocket, which put the cartilaginous framework. Implantation of this basis takes several months and only then is the third phase of the operation-docking ear in correct position and imposition of final welds. A fourth stage – forming the appearance of the ear with its bulges and depressions.

Ear surgery is always an easy operation, even if you only want the correction.

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