Eat right: in every age its secrets

calPower system may not be the same in 20 and 30 years. You are changing, and your diet should change together with you. It is known that every 10 years the metabolic processes are slowed down to 2% and bring with them a whopping 2 extra pounds! To every birthday brought only joy, not the extra centimetres to waist, you need to reduce your calorie intake for the same 2%. Let’s say your daily diet-2500 kcal, 2% of that $ 50 kcal-a little more than a teaspoon of butter. Admit it, it’s not the price for harmony!
Age: under 25 years
At this time, the female body is at the peak of their physical capabilities, your metabolism is working smoothly, and if there are extra hundred grams, so should stop eating chocolate, as the weight immediately gets up to put him to bed. At such a young age the most dangerous thing that can happen is a hormonal imbalance in the systems governing metabolism. The main symptom is a gargantuan appetite. This problem can occur because of stress or emotions, so do not rastračivaj the nerve cells for good reason: it appears, from this too polneeš′.
It is equally important to eat properly, preferring low-fat meat, dairy products, vegetables and fruits. Here are some tips to help you keep the weight is normal.
NE appetite and want to eat a pack of potato chips or cheese “Rossijskij”? Don’t go to the hunger, give preference to the Big Apple or persimmon.

Try not to eat after 6 pm? It is commendable, but not to wake up at night from the wild bouts of hunger before bedtime drink a glass of warm milk with a tablespoon of honey, eat an orange or a grapefruit.

Your appetite will decrease, if during the day every 2:0 drink half a glass of warm alkaline mineral water. Of course, you must first release the bottle of gas. Warm mineral water inhibits the gastric juice, hydrochloric acid neutralizes the alkaline reaction, and thus dulled hunger.

Keep your appetite under control will help pinpoint massage. Razomni between the thumb and forefinger of the earlobe simultaneously on each side. If you wear earrings, then just poterebi them. Is prodernut′ a few times back and forth, as there are just rashocetsa!
Age: from 26 to 35 years

During this period, the fat is deposited is not too actively, but get rid of it you need to now. Every year kilogrammcik is another local drive, it will become increasingly difficult. Do you want to avoid problems with obesity and health? Take vitamin complexes.
Pregnancy, stress, obsession with diets and beri drain body. Iron deficiency, associated with the loss of blood during the critical days of vegetarian restrictions in this age period is found in about half of the women. And every third lacks selenium and calcium.
To maintain a normal weight or get rid of extra pounds, already a couple of times a week arranged one of those off days.
Apple. Per day are allowed to eat 1-1, 5 kg of fresh apples are not too sweet. You can drink water without gas, herbal teas and fresh Apple. These fruits help the excretion of bowels of the end products of metabolism, bind and neutralize dietary fats, cleanses the body of toxins and help you stay in good shape, due to the large number of vitamins.
Cottage Cheese. You will need a 600 g fresh 60 ml cottage cheese, low-fat sour cream, 2 cups of tea without sugar and 2 cups of broth of wild rose or mineral water. If you really can’t have a fat-free cottage cheese, obtain his baby fruit puree without sugar and cream. Actually, this supply of food you have to eat all day, so stripped of 5 meals. Cottage cheese fasting days is akin to kefirnym, but better tolerated because the curds is more in the stomach and absorbed more slowly. Cottage cheese proteins are digested better than the proteins of meat, fish and milk. Vitamins and trace elements in it, and the ratio of calcium and magnesium is beneficial, especially for women, slimming after childbirth.
Grapefruit. Each grapefruit contains a daily dose of vitamin c and fiber, a lot of cool, and around 40 kcal per 100 g of the product! Juicy fruit acts as a mild laxative, displaying the body of waste, toxins and excess fatty acids. In the day you can eat up to 2 kg citrus fruits. Do not forget about the liquid: drink tea with lemon without sugar and simple mineral water. And don’t forget: If you are allergic to citrus, look for another option!
In 40 years of life, of course, does not end there, as we now know from the favorite movie of our moms. And after 40, too, want to look dazzling. Nutritionists during this period, recommended to drink dairy products rich in calcium, soy food intake (e.g., tofu), eat more grain bread and vegetables that are rich in fiber and drink green tea without sugar. Then save the slenderness, youth and vigour will be quite!

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