Elizabeth Hurley arrives in Moscow to fight breast cancer!

elizabethElizabeth Hurley for several years is the Ambassador of the campaign against breast cancer by Estee Lauder.

The famous actress to come to Moscow and thus open up a month to combat the disease special lights of the downtown-by tradition, as part of a charity event in pink buildings are highlighted in various countries of the world.

Everyone can help people suffering breast cancer,

For most actresses problem of breast cancer is very close: “breast cancer suffer from my grandmother and several girlfriends. This disease affects everyone. Now, more than ever, it is important to talk about this issue. Percentage cured is continuously increasing, every year we get closer to overcome the disease. Now it has been proved that if you diagnose cancer at an early stage, in 98% of cases it can be cured. Prevention and early diagnosis, along with raising funds for research to find a cure-these are the main components of the fight against the disease. Together, we can save more lives. We are also able to more efficiently distribute information on the prevention of diseases, for example, about how important it is to conduct monthly encouraged and do an annual mammogram, especially women over 40. I hope that in the future humanity through such measures will defeat breast cancer. “

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