Especially during the critical days of sex

sexSex during menstruation can be described by the proverb “the forbidden fruit is sweet.” This is particularly the case in men. Women are attracted by rumors that during such sexual intercourse near impossible to get pregnant. But you cannot say that this feature is applied to all people. Most frustrating to have sex during menstruation only for aesthetic reasons. Many women disdain, and not all men think it’s hygienic.
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What is the opinion of doctors?

Among gynecologists there is a perception that if a woman is healthy, that shortly before the fatal day she will experience increased libido. If she has any problems, gynecological disorders, these feelings will manifest itself during and after menstruation.

Sex during menstruation can in no way be considered as safe, because the woman’s body in this period the most defenseless to infections.

The fact of the matter is that during the critical days of the uterus a bit ajar, so harmful bacteria are free to enter the body. With this missing and lubrication of the vagina, where the same harmful bacteria on ordinary days get stuck in resin. This is why you should not have sex during monthly with a new man or if one partner has a disease of the reproductive system.

Issues that relate to the topic, more than enough. We offer you answers to the most common questions.

How to have sex during menstruation?

The moral dimension of this issue is very important, because both partners must decide whether they are ready for the stage of their relationship. The main reason may be the squeamishness of one of the partners. This in no way means that you don’t like or that he stopped loving you. Just everyone has a level of disgust. Some, for example, even to eat one dish may not. An important part is also the religious beliefs that you must know in advance. If no bias is neither a man nor a woman the sex didn’t faze, then it is already half the battle.

You do not want to have sex during the first days of menstruation, when a very large bleeding. This is best done in the shower or bathtub. If this is not possible, the bed you must lay a towel and not hide away wet wipes. Poses have to choose such that the penetration was not very strong. The ideal position is “man on top”, because then the allocation will not be so heavy.

Today, medicine is not the taboo on sex during the critical days of observing the rules of hygiene. Some women are much easier to carry on menstruation, if at this time to have sex: they become less irritable and nervous.
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Can sex stop menstruation or ovulation change?

Yes, if you rabbit. These animal ovulation begins after sexual intercourse. People this is not the case. Sex cannot influence neither on the duration of menstruation or ovulation period.

But throughout there are exceptions. If the sexual act (not one) would be particularly striking and having an orgasm, then soon you can wait for the critical days. And there’s a scientific explanation. When a woman has only just begun menstruating, then in the body begin to produce chemicals, which can be compared to the influence of hormones. These substances are called prostaglandins. They affect the endometrial blood vessels. In the men’s sperm are prostaglandins. As a result, when these chemicals becomes a lot (when sperm enters the vagina), the female body much quicker from dead cells of the endometrium. As a result of the menstruation ends sooner.

If a woman suffers from some gynecological diseases, menstruation may take longer. When genitals are excited and the local blood supply increases, when sexual intercourse it can become so strong that the propensity to bleeding, it will start again.

Can you get pregnant while having sex during menstruation?

It has been argued that during the critical days of the likelihood of getting pregnant is very small. But this, of course, is misleading. You can get pregnant during any day of the month. In this case, if you use only the calendar method of contraception, the effectiveness of the contraception is zero. In the middle of the cycle and after the egg could mature. Keep in mind that sperm can live in the genital tract from 5 to 7 days and thus retain their properties. Therefore the sexual act on 4-6 day cycle may soon make you conception up to 15 days, and this is almost the most favorable time for conception.

More likely to become pregnant during menstruation also applies to those women who are short menstrual cycles, from 15 to 20 days. Not all women can know the length of your cycle, until you will come the following critical days. By the way, religion is one of the African tribes allows only to have sex during menstruation. Despite this, the tribe still exists. The reasons for such a phenomenon scientists have still not been identified.

The likelihood of pregnancy can be and when during ovulation has two eggs instead of one. Therefore, contraception is still in such sexual acts.
Tips for women and men

To sex during menstruation are brought to you by the unpleasant surprises, but instead became more pleasant, that both spouses should take note of the following tips:
in the days when most profuse bleeding, it is better to refrain from having sex;
It is also advisable to refrain from sexual intercourse if the woman feels pain in the abdomen;
hygiene these days should be more enhanced before and after sex, be sure to take a shower;
When possible, use a condom, he will not only prevent pregnancy, but also to protect both partners from infection;
turn off the light, if a man is confused by the appearance of blood;
for sex during menses is best to choose a bathroom;
napkins and towels keep close just in case;
so as not to stain the bed sheets, lay on the bed, towel (which do not);
If the odor is a problem, then cover the abdomen and legs with a blanket, it will help block “aromas”;
stop sexual intercourse if the woman began the painful sensations.

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